Specimen evergreens can also be trimmed as needed to keep them compact and also to control their shape. The effect is informal, more modern and gives a very different visual look to a green clipped hedge. adroll_product_id = [530319,530324,535565,529626,531099,531103,529627,519964,536142,531331,531334,526553,526551,529629,529598,529605,525762,531126,525756,530317,536132,529634,3699,3707,301320,7347,13429,14907,15076,7010,67300,99300,76832,32752,79025,363262,21168,99303,485116,70888,302608,76830,75076,7755,379952,374612,434688,331086,331040,382968,207475,382990,383001,279931,384723,471630,3701,3703,10065,15506,3709,27977,28803,16585,15612,76042,7662,15947,374567,374180,374048,16047,28465,3705,3708,10909,7988,3702,22488,11591,10371,7696,10805,7901,7350,7915,7506,16332,374191,244531,245791,207597,215530,3717,388837,374486,477515,244462,228023,251094,374419,485263,380029,384643,251061,434674,182027,510734,227837,182014,245883,374340,502900,512164,375684,374176,374194,440131,465491,187479,465544,227251,187390,374139,244400,374409,182042,79022,79021,76745,73249,71743,70750,70563,70553,70545,70541,70540,70090,69987,69898,215682,69165,69162,69160,69158,68987,68983,68247,67834,66602,63367,63364,63359,63307,63302,63299,63297,63223,63222,63221,63215,63212,63208,63205,63202,63066,63062,39015,39011,39001,32793,32780,32776,32772,32713,31502,30192,28879,28877,28875,28808,15151,28502,28456,8089,10081,21982,21806,20112,16326,15736,15732,15712,15705,15603,15321,15306,15156,15127,15096,15091,15062,28544,28553,9993,28876,7512,15057,28548,15050,27972,14911,13624,13348,12443,11598,11376,10986,10980,10971,330461,10804,7611,6957,6584,8033,10200,10197,10085,10079,10074,10069,10063,10059,10047,10001,9997,9989,9982,8618,8276,8181,8174,8163,8162,8120,8019,7972,26028,21976,7404,9985,7384,7772,7762,7521,7511,7507,7437,215306,7241,7253,7252,7251,7250,7006,6969,6961,3718,7508,3714,3713,3712,3711,3706,3704]. The more upright ones look terrific in clusters of three, five or seven and the broader ones make great single specimens that give permanence, stability and maturity to your landscape and garden. Not so narrow, but still giving strong vertical accents, plants like Thuja Green Giant and the smaller Thuja Emerald Green are popular as specimens too. based on 15252 ratings and reviews, 30% Off Entire Order-Limited Time Sale-Code: TURKEY30. adroll_keywords = "Evergreen Trees"; We offer a wide range of evergreens, from flowering evergreen trees to shade loving evergreen trees. Bamboos grown alone look more like the giant grass plants they really are, and as specimens their varied forms, some quite upright like Multiplex Bamboo, other softer in outline, like the Sunset Glow Bamboo, can really be appreciated and enjoyed. in stock, Picea pungens Hoopsii is a real blue Spruce with lovely silvery-green needles. Evergreen trees are versatile and remain effective throughout the year and are perfect for that permanent structure in your garden. adroll_currency = "USD"; Basket Summary (0) View Full Basket / £ ... Evergreen trees make an excellent rich canvas for other more seasonal plants and trees, as well as being good for screening and wind breaks. The plants you…. Another great broad-leaf choice is the Cherry Laurel which makes a really dense hedge with large, glossy leaves. adroll_version = "2.0"; Available read more As well, the wind blowing through bamboo creates a lovely and unique rustling sound that is really charming. GBP (£) (0) Barrow . in stock, Taxus x media is the most adaptable and durable Yew around. The Bald Cypress naturally grows in swampy locations and although it will be perfectly happy in regular garden situations, it is a terrific choice for low-lying or wet locations, or beside a stream, lake or pond. The third group are quite different. For hotter locations where drought-resistance is an important consideration, Juniper Wichita Blue really stands out. in stock, Juniper Compressa is a fine specimen out of the Juniper family. These plants have narrow leaves that are sometimes like the needles on a pine and other times more scaly and flat against the stem like a cypress, with several kinds in-between as well. That is when evergreens really stand out as the best solution. If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. Bamboos are very adaptable. Regular fertilizer is a good idea when your evergreen trees are young. Everyone is familiar with grasses, which produce their stalks each year and then die down leaves in the winter. adroll_current_page = "search_page"; You may be able to get a nice dense screen for half the year from a deciduous planting, but in winter when everything is bare that screen suddenly becomes a gossamer curtain and hides nothing at all. If you are planning an evergreen hedge there are two ways to plant them. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Bamboos are also shade tolerant and will grow well beneath trees as well as when exposed to the full sun. The moment has arrived – your new trees have been delivered and you are about to plant them in your garden. adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; Multiplex Bamboo is one of the best for hedges. It makes a very dense, impenetrable hedge that protects your property as well as giving privacy. When everything else is asleep for winter, these trees still live to show off. in stock, Treat yourself or someone special with this Christmas tree. For hedges or specimen plants they have a special quality and an all-year permanence that makes them indispensable. in stock, Golden Juniper 'Gold Cone' is a brilliant golden addition to the garden. They add drama and emphasis to the garden and they can also be used to frame an entrance-way or gate or even march along a driveway to great effect. Fertilize in early spring and again in mid-summer, but in colder areas you should stop any feeding by late summer so that the trees can develop the necessary cold-hardiness for the coming winter. Available read more There are several distinct groups of evergreens. adroll_language = "en_US"; If you use a strip of grass at the foot of the hedge, mowing the grass will stop the bamboo from possibly spreading sideways and keep it growing densely exactly where you want it to be. These trees are going to be with you for many years to…, Hedges are one of the major features of many gardens. A big mistake a lot of people make with hedges is to wait until they reach the final height wanted before starting to trim them. Periods of wet don’t bother them either, but no bamboo really like to live in constantly wet soil. Available read more If you want to grow low ornamental evergreen hedges then Boxwood Shrubs are the classic choice and grow well in sun or partial shade. All rights reserved The Tree Center 2020. thetreecenter.com There are a number of unique variables to consider when choosing which evergreen tree is right for you. If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow. That way the light reaches all the way down and keeps the bottom growing well.