Yep. It has a supple and creamy paste that is flecked throughout with pockets of blue moulds. Made with pasteurized goat's milk, the curd is carefully hand-ladled into molds, lightly sprinkled with ash, and aged just long enough to develop that signature wrinkly rind. Try pairing it with a Porto or old Bordeaux to bring out the delicate flavours. Morbier cheese is traditionally made with an ash coating and so is Humbolt Fog. The ash itself doesn't really have a flavor at all. The delicate blue flavour complemented by the creamy taste makes the cheese quite unique. Available in two different varieties: Cendré de Lune (200g) and Pleine Lune (450g). A natural, blue-grey mold dots the thin, ash-covered rind of this dome-shaped, unpasteurized goat’s cheese. Météorite is a soft, surface-ripened, ash-covered blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk and cream. Super old tradition. French for "tasty little bite", the Bonne Bouche is the flagship of Vermont Creamery's signature aged goat cheeses. It actually changes the way the cheese ripens with time too, so you will get a different taste experience with an ash cheese compared to another aged cheese. Its taste is delicately acidic when young and becomes milkier as it ages. The center is snowy white and its texture can range from soft and fluffy when it is young, to dense and creamy as it ages. This vegetable ash-covered cheese releases fresh mushroom aromas and rich, buttery flavours.