By joining the Bentley Developer Network, your organization will have access to everything needed to handle any type of software development project. Access additional Academic Resources on Bentley Communities - This is the portal to the Academic community; so, it is also your quick connection to Bentley Communities, our social and professional networking web site. Through the Bentley Institute, you can take advantage of a variety of tools and resources in the Academic Program. Development Tools As a BDN Developer, you will have access to solution development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that were created specifically for a range of Bentley products. Design and engineering firms often request a copy of this Bentley Institute Transcript, or of an individual certificate, as part of a job candidate's qualifications. Das Bentley Institute bietet Ihnen im Rahmen des Hochschulprogramms Zugang zu einer ganzen Auswahl an Tools und Ressourcen. A través del Bentley Institute podrá beneficiarse de las herramientas y recursos que ofrece el programa académico. We are committed to help prepare students for tomorrow's infrastructure workforce, so … Latest academic news from Bentley Systems' Academic Programs Network, the education outreach program.