On June 13, 1933, the company had informed the U.S. Patent Office that it had made a major breakthrough, arguably the biggest, in cake-mix history—a cake … Turns out, Betty Crocker history is the history of the American woman. The Betty Crocker School of the Air was the countries first radio cooking show. and the state of Maine. Betty Crocker didn't just offer American women recipes and boxed cake mixes—she was conceived as … Betty Crocker's Cook Books: Historic United States cookbooks and cooking ephemera. All that changed in 1947, when the first Betty Crocker cake mixes hit America's shelves. AP/General Mills In 1936, General Mills commissioned Betty Crocker's first portrait to be drawn by the prominent artist Neysa McMein, who was known for her portraits of women in war and the painting "All American Girls." "Betty Crocker had always stood for quality in the minds of consumers, but during the first half of the twentieth century, convenience foods were not associated with good eating. According to this classic cookbook, legend has it that a Maine housewife was baking a chocolate cake and … Some elements are obvious: It begins with water, for instance, and must include moments like the creation of modern cornstarch and Betty Crocker cake mix. The name Betty Crocker was a fictitious name created to personalize responses to consumer inquires about baking that were flooding the flour-milling company, The Washburn Crosby Company, back in 1921. Probably your mother's cookbook! The 1996 face of Betty Crocker. The name Betty Crocker became a leading brand of cake mixes and other goods used in home baking. 1950, 60s, 70s, 80s. During the Great Depression she advised cash strapped homemakers how to cook tasty meals on a tightened budget. It sold off a number of unprofitable flour mills and moved into such areas as snack foods, children’s toys and games, and fashion. But parsing out the origins of the lollipop or identifying the world’s most definitive cookbook requires additional research prowess. The company began to diversify its activities in the early 1960s. Building a timeline of food history is an understandably complex undertaking. A note in Betty Crocker’s Baking Classics,circa 1979, claims that Bangor Brownies (as in Bangor, Maine) are probably the original chocolate brownies.