"I would say that the snail farming provides opportunities that are yet to be seized. "In the dry season ... December to March, you don't get anybody selling snails," he says. West Africa is home to the largest species of land snail in the world. His services as a consultant and trainer now serve as rich extra income streams. His website is http://www.ismailabdulazeez.com. According to a 2011 interview with CNN’s Christian Purefoy, Ismail reveals how snails farmed in his backyard are fetching very significant returns. If you have any experience in this area, we’re sure a lot of people reading this article would love to learn from you. In addition to his snail farming venture, Ismail is an ardent trainer. Snail farming is often done small-scale at the back of homes and office compounds in the Nigerian city of Lagos. Afterall, Ismail’s snail farming got him on CNN! Does God hate Africans? I was so discouraged. You need to watch this. He tells the story of his success as a snail farmer and how he is helping others achieve success the way he did. It’s the largest  snail in the world and can easily be found across West Africa’s vast tropical forests. Under this climate, snails tend to thrive and multiply very fast. We would appreciate that you keep us updated with the outcome of your complaint. But he says the snails he grows are also receiving the attention of foreign buyers in Europe and beyond -- attracted by the size of the snails and their relatively low price. That's where businessman Ismail AbdulAzeez is rearing giant African snails… Others are enthralled by its incredible size and keep them as pets and keepsakes. Under this climate, snails tend to thrive and multiply very fast. The UK, Norway and other European countries are some of the final destinations for his snails. However, as more rural dwellers head to the cities for jobs and our forests are rapidly overtaken by new and expanding cities, snail farming in small farms and home backyards is gradually becoming a sustainable and lucrative supply source. Who would have thought that farming an overlooked and underrated creature like snails would achieve such success? Ismail and a few other entrepreneurs like him have exploited this niche market to great advantage. Working on a dream? But to my greatest surprise, non of the email of the prospective buyers was valid email. Meet one of Africa’s most inspiring performers, Africa needs more fearless people like these two Nigerian journalists, The Business of Silkworm farming: A Fibre-to-Fabric Success Story from Kenya, 11 Business Opportunities in Africa That Made More Millionaires in 2018, The rise and rise of women leaders across Africa (Infographic), How Africa can emerge stronger and better from its water crises, Africa’s rural areas could be the game changer for the continent’s economy, 5 Innovative Ideas That Are Transforming Education in Africa, Meet the entrepreneur behind West Africa’s first indigenous air ambulance service, [Must Watch] How Africa can use its traditional knowledge to make progress, Meet the inspiring Kenyan entrepreneur building an empire in the healthcare market, The Top Business and Investment Opportunities In Nigeria, SBP 034: Interview conversations about my life, career, and opinions, SBP 033: 5 Interesting Business Opportunities in Africa in 2021, SBP 032: 7 Important Risks To Consider In Every Business, SBP 031: The 6 Demons You Must Defeat To Succeed In Business, SBP 030: Interesting & Practical Ways To Improve Profits In Your Business. But despite the difficulties of structure and planning, Monney believes that turning giant snail farming into a viable and profitable industry remains a distinct possibility. Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) -- The harvesting of snails as a delicacy has traditionally been synonymous with countries such as France and Italy. SBP 028: How To Choose A Very Good Business Partner, SBP 027: The 4 Types of Income Every Entrepreneur Should Have, SBP 026: Two Powerful Ways To Convince People To Buy From You, SBP 025: How To Really Know If A Business Idea Can Make Money (Part 2). Ismail has grown to become a subject matter expert in snail farming in Nigeria. The video below is a CNN-featured interview in Ismail’s backyard snail farm. I would say that the snail farming provides opportunities that are yet to be seized. I have researched into snail farming quite a bit and the potential is there ... but it has not been explored and exploited," he says. He adds: "My hope is that as people get to know how to produce them a commodity chain would be established.". To the best of my knowledge snail farming attempts have been sporadic," says Monney, who is also author of the book, "Giant African Snail Farming Made Fun.". The confessions of an economic hitman (Must Watch). There are hundreds of ideas like snail farming that can change your life in Africa.