The Atragene group includes the species Clematis alpina, C. koreana, and C. macropetala and their hybrids. They also made a tea of leaves alone or the stems and leaves … The vine usually dies back to the ground in winter. Blue Jasmine is a clematis that is a semi-woody vine native to wet sites as swamps and flood plains of southeastern North America. Clematis flowers have 300 species and belong to the Ranunculaceae family. A delightful, award-winning sport of Mrs. Cholmondeley Clematis with large, violet-blue to pale blue flowers. Clematis … Name: Clematis Avant-Garde ™ Evipo033. The name comes from the Greek word klematis which means vine but some species are grown as shrubs.Its common name “old … A poultice of the pounded, dampened leaves of blue clematis has been applied by the Okanagan-Colville Indians to the feet to treat sweaty feet. The distinctive, prolific blooms easily measure five to six inches wide, are doubles in spring, … Be sure to provide it … Native to mountainous regions, these plants produce small to medium, nodding flowers in bell or lantern shapes that come in shades of blue… We despatch WITH container so the roots are safe. Container grown Garden Ready Climbing Plant. Quantity: 1 x Clematis 'Avant-Garde' in 9cm Pot. This Hardy Climber has been container grown so can be planted at any time of the year.