Chicago Brick Oven's authentic, wood-fired outdoor pizza oven design is Neapolitan-inspired and made in the USA. I even climbed up on top of the dome every time to take a snapshot from the top view. If you decide to follow my roof design as the last stage of the whole adventure, thank you. You will not look for where it is all the time and you will look 'cool' ;o). Brick joints left looking rather rough. I once saw someone making a slab hanging only on metal reinforcing bars sticking out of the hearths concrete slab. You can mix the small quantity of concrete for this oven job at home by using a small cement mixer. ... continue on forming the fire brick dome using your made up template, the more precise the template you make the more evenly the fire bricks will fit next to each other. Use a piece of wood to do this, a rubber hammer will work too. Notice the important gap between the dome and the outside brick deco wall, this includes the front wall as well. The whole oven is painted a white color and the paint used was the same as was used on the house. ), place around also some sausages straight onto the oven floor. I receive many emails from people saying they can not track anyone who stocks firebricks or fire clay, vermiculite insulation, refractory cements, etc. I plan to upgrade to a better dedicated server hosting package or set up an own 'DELL' server, that's my main aim for TO website. It’s easy make mistakes when building a brick oven. The dome and it's slab can not lean against the outside walls; it expands slightly and the wood oven would develop cracks on the outside if the outside brick walls were touching the dome and it's support slab. Use 2 reinforcing metal bars apart from each other on the side where the slab doesn't lay on the Besser blocks. I have granite rocks in The Gap area and a few quarries. Then have some Lamb leg roasting on an ordinary stainless steel stick leaning against the dome chamber wall. It might take some time, but then it'll be possible to add/enlarge many more pictures than there are currently. Many pictures focus also on applying clay-sand bed on which to lay all the hearth fire bricks in order to level them very easily. You will not need any more to understand. Special stages of the arched brick work come in their own separate photo series and accompany those 28. For the same reason (and also for you to see, of course) I then grabbed the required number of bricks and concrete blocks just to place them freely around to be sure everything was correct. The same applies to roof tiles, the house roof has got the same. There are 36 detailed pictures on how to make the second concrete slab which holds oven's hearth and the whole firing dome chamber. Because you only woke up your visitors a minute ago, it's morning "hallo", and using the stored heat in a well built oven from the previous night, you are baking bread for the breakfast and some lovely cakes as well. To use fire bricks is the best option to build a proper dome firing chamber for the wood burning oven. In a heat conditions around this slab the steel rusts faster as gases speed it up, when it holds only on these steel rods and when the steel bars weaken it'll go down. But the chimney questions come up far more often. Detailed and precise work on the facing front arch. You'll be up and running in no time! Door from some unused old wardrobe or piece of a similar material will do perfectly for this purpose. The dome is laying on top of the freshly made fire brick hearth. Can you do it? With this many detailed pictures and instructions, there is no way you could go wrong if you are about to build a wood oven yourself. I will be delighted to hear any suggestions that you may have. Information related to Wood burning brick oven plans. I only cleaned the unpainted bricks with water and a sponge while the joining mortar was still wet. Don't get scared, it's so easy and a good fun project. Often people choose to use other materials. I didn't have to buy it, it was left over from the last house painting job. Photographs again are included for better assistance. Place concrete blocks at the beginning and end of the row and use a string to align the rest of them. When, you have completed the row, use the same technique to … If you’re keen on building your own brick oven, but would prefer a kit where all the hard work has been done for you, check out our Brick Oven Kits or our PreCast Oven Kits. Small Outdoor Wood Oven. For this reason I decided to make a list of "Equivalent Materials and Sources with Photographs" with description how to use or obtain them to be able to build or save. Allow 2 weeks drying time for the moisture in the fresh dome before you set a fire in it. There is a strong chance you well may feel the same. If you feel the same, you could take a day or two off to contemplate the roof job, just juggling the mental images. Each level of bricks only starts or stops with the halved brick which is quickly cut in half by using a wide brick cutting chisel and a single hit with a hammer- this you can see in the pics too. From the wooden support to putting together it's framing, metal reinforcing, back up heat insulation and the concreting job itself. Although in some cases as they get to this point they naturally like to finish quickly to have the oven working for them after all the effort. In modern Italy, the basic Pompeii brick oven design is used to build the pizza ovens you see in pizzerias, private homes, and outdoor kitchens. ), I've been asked a bit less frequently about the hearth and brick arch jobs. I know: Wow. Look at the gap which is filled with backup insulation. Lay the last few rows of bricks on this formwork, and pour the dome keystone using the Refractory Castable provided.