Joined: Apr 25, 2001 Messages: 14,546 Likes Received: 477 Location: South Eastern WI. January 2015 Brown-patch-on-fescue Bristly Rose Slug Flowering Native to Oklahoma, this tree grows to a rounded shape of 30 ft. by 30 ft. with glossy green leaves. Aphids Rose Mature Spread: 25-30 Feet. Euonymus Scale This maple was named after its county of origin, the 'Caddo' Maple. Hackberry Caterpillar Butterflies Prop Up Fruit Limbs Roasting Pumpkin Seeds High PH Soils Vinegar As Herbicide Leaf Scorch Termites Ticks October 2016 August 2019 Eggplant June 2014, All Japanese Beetles Lilac Cole Crops ggish, Oct 29, 2001 #1. Call us at 1 315 4971058. Storm Damage Corn Gluten Meal May 2020 Therefore, a T-12 lamp is 12/8 or 1.5 inches in diameter and are what most people are familiar with. Ladybird Beetles Orders are accepted from now through the first full week in May each year, but order early to insure receiving the items you want. Fruit Damage From Cold A T-8 is 8/8 or 1 inch in diameter, and a T-5 is 5/8 of an inch in diameter. Of particular interest are the Caddo sugar maples which originated from an isolated population in Caddo, County, Oklahoma. Fertilizing Lawns Our hot, often dry summers and windy conditions can shorten the life of these trees. Mature Height: 25-30 Feet. Sweet Potatoes December 2018 However, some sugar maples are better adapted to Kansas conditions than others. Buffalograss Mulch Peas Cucumber Sugar maples often have significant problems with our Kansas weather. Ice Melters Salad Garden Chickweed It is unique in that it can tolerate what other Maples cannot. All other sugar maples in the trial had severely scorched leaves. Ward Upham runs the Horticulture Response Center in the Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources at Kansas State University. Plastic Mulch Expect fall color early. There is not much information on growing it from stem cuttings available, but most maples are hard to propagate from stem cuttings.INSIGHT: Caddo maple is one of the best of the large-growing maple trees for the alkaline soils of Texas. Raccoons Nuts This extremely drought … Stratification Winter Squash Dormant-seeding-turfgrass Of particular interest are the Caddo sugar maples which originated from an isolated population in Caddo, County, Oklahoma. Blueberries Lettuce July 2015 Winterizing Water Lines July 2018 Firewood The Kansas Forest Service offers low-cost tree and shrub seedlings for use in conservation plantings. Fortunately for Oklahoma, a subspecies (believed to be an ecotype) of the Sugar Maple was discovered in the southwest part of the state that is specifically adapted to our hot summers and drying winds. Family-heritage-gardening June 2016 Honeysuckle Mimosa Webworm New Gardener Resources Expect fall color early. Early Blight Drip-irrigation Nightcrawlers October 2015 Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or …,,, Transplant Fertilization Army-cutworm-moths April 2015 Twig-girdlers February 2016 This maple has a spectacular show of colors in the fall ranging from yellow to orange.