Yeast. So this means using very little yeast and increasing the time of pizza dough preparation by making 2 leavenings. Like an alternate-world cocaine dealer, I began doling out tiny sandwich baggies of yeast, the brown grains suddenly more valuable than the white stuff. But you can also use active dry yeast, like Caputo Lievito. You can use either fresh active yeast or dry active yeast. Fresh yeast or dry active yeast. All baker's and brewer's yeast strains are the same species, but yeah there's variation in activity, and variations in metabolic activity that lead to different flavors. I had a reader message me to say their yeast wasn’t working. The first yeast-leavened breads were sourdoughs, then bakers started using barm from the brewing process. Multiple friends lamented the lack of yeast, fruitlessly hunting for a microbial fix to make pizza dough. Since this dough is so slack and sticky, make sure to oil (or spray Pam on) your hands to keep it from sticking (to you or the counter) or to help you resist the urge to add more flour. In fact, you should not feel any aftertaste of yeast eating your pizza, absolutely. Making pizza dough with fresh yeast is definitely the most common technique in Italy, but the problem is choosing the right amount of yeast. However, it doesn't keep well for long, and it … You Can’t Make This with Brewers Yeast Supplement. Fresh active yeast (or brewer's yeast) is usually sold in small cubes and it's easy to find in the refrigerated section of many supermarkets. Suddenly, I was the guy with a big supply. I do like to make use of brewing by-products as much as possible, and while I’ve made spent grain bread in the past, spent grain pizza just doesn’t work as well. Salt also controls the rate of rising by slowing down the yeast. Traditionally natural fresh Neapolitan yeast or brewer’s yeast is used for pizza dough. Although brewer’s and baker’s use different strains, brewer’s yeast will gladly get to work on fermenting some dough. In addition to that, salt also helps enhance the flavor of the pizza crust.