Once finished, they make adorable wall decorations for the playroom or fun favors to fill with treats. All rights reserved. to … Wow, this pretty birdhouse features floral image templates on grey base. Cut your house pattern and cardboard piece to size before tracing the pattern. 1. Learn How to Make a Cardboard Birdhouse with this helpful tutorial. Bend the top of the head and fit it on the back bone strip. Here a those who need some : Prepare the sides by adding color strips ( if your bird has any) and punch out a hole. This carboard birhouse is also perfect for indoor decorating . Hang it up and let them have a great time observing nature. It is not just a good way to make a great birdhouse, but also gives you the opportunity to recycle some materials that might be lying around your home. One for the top of the head, the other two for the sides. I’m thrilled to be back and contributing to Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Love series again this year! Hi this is Stacy from Share & Remember. Need to add your blog to bookmarks. Then the child can help decorate the birdhouse. To Make Red Winged Blackbird. Just follow these steps to make it your own ! Trace the birdhouse onto the backside of the tan light brown corrugated cardboard and cut out. Your email address will not be published. Modern Birdhouse – uses 2×4’s to create a birdhouse with a modern style. This is a great craft idea to try with the kids. The Cardboard Milk Carton Birdhouse. 50 WAYS FOR KIDS TO STAY CREATIVE INFOGRAPHIC, STRAWBERRY FROZEN YOGURT BARK: AN EASY KID SNACK. If you’d like to be really authentic you can make the pattern by putting thin paper over the sheet with the outlines; trace; and then cut out the pattern that you created on the thin sheet of paper. Head over to Craft and Creativity for the free printable template to make your own creative paper bird houses. 12. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Craft'iToday. Allways dreamt of nice, vintage-like birdhouse on the wall of your room ? Then the child can help decorate the birdhouse. Building a birdhouse out of cardboard with your kids ! Trace one roof piece and two birds to the backside of the dark brown corrugated cardboard and cut out. What kind of tutorials can I find on craftitoday.com ? With some recycled materials, you can craft birdhouses in … Thanks for the useful information. Either you might want to chose a pattern that willmatch the colors of your room or let your inspiration guide you ! Here is the christmas-bird-pattern. Y; These cute paper birdhouses come with a free printable template so you can dress them up in the patterned paper of your choosing. No. 3° Glue all the pieces on the cardboard using a glue stick : 4° With a pencil, draw the flaps of each piece : → You can draw every flap like these ones ( same shape ) : 6° Chose the decorative paper you want to use for every piece : 7° Draw the outline of the roof for both sides, cut it out and stick it on the rood piece : 9° For the front piece, cut this little ‘ window ‘ out using a cutter : 10° Cover every single of your other pieces on one side only : 11° For the roof, cut two strips of decorative paper ( same lengh as the roof piece ) & fold it in half : 12° Fix them on each ‘spine’ of the piece ‘roof’ : 13° Fix all the pieces together apart from the roof : 14° Add glue to the white visible flaps and fix the roof on them : 15° To make the corners neater, cut strips of decorative paper and glue them on the sides as shown : 17° Cut a straw about 2 cm long & ‘roll’ it in a  : 18° Put a ‘blob’ of strong glue under the ‘window’ and fix the straw : If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section. DIY: Simple Bird House – this easy-to-build and functional birdhouse is great for bluebirds and chickadees. Modern Birdhouse. And create a birdhouse out of it. The flaps should overlap to form the floor of the birdhouse and the rectangular flaps on top should align with the pointed roof. patterned paper of your choice; little dcorative tapes ( optional ) Now, follow these steps carefully : 1° Cut out the templates : → 2° Fold the ‘roof’ in half on the line : 3° Glue all the pieces on the cardboard using a glue stick : 4° With a pencil, draw the flaps of each piece : → Some of them do not need any flaps !