I hate chime bank with everything in me. I had over $1k in fraudulent charges made online and chime refused to reverse them, notating that i had approved charges to Amazon, which was in no way connected. On the 16th of november they emailed me saying that i cant recieve a credit until the investigation is done with by January 31 2021. I’m now about to meet with my state representative to help get me my unemployment payment back. Well my power is now shut off. Chime Bank was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 16, 2018 and since then this brand received 1359 reviews. Chime closed my account after I received a $900 Lost wages payment from unemployment, and refuses to refund the balance in my account! I need to have my card ending in 6156 canceled asap I have people that is on my account.... Cant get in my account online and list my card cant get another one, Someone is using my social and I cant get in touch with anyone. Even with proof of what happens chime still expects me to wait until after Dec 10th to get my $500.00. They can't keep the website or mobile app up and running. Chime did this to me in the middle of a Pandemic! Review #2309551 is a subjective opinion of poster. Review #2310169 is a subjective opinion of poster. User's recommendation: Don't trust anyone ever. And I got an error message stating “sorry we can’t give cash at this time” so I drive to another atm to withdraw the funds not knowing the first $500.00 had reflected on My account. There's no help to close or move money from savings to spending account. Theu will not give me any information. Chime Bank ranks 45 of 690 in Banks category. I am turning this over to our ATTORNEY General of Arizona at this point. Although I get the whole concept of how overdraft works. SMH @ Chime. I honestly feel this should be used as a last ditch effort to get a bank account by someone who has had banking issues in the past, or lacks the time to go to an actual bank to fill out papers. So you telling me i have to wait 3 months to receive my money back. Overall I would just sum it up by saying its bad business and I see them as being obsolete in the near future. Review #2307241 is a subjective opinion of poster. Been banking with them since 2018 the worst online bank ever when trying to get any issues resolved . During the time of the outage, i attempted to make a money order of 200.99. I would have never set up savings if I knew it would be this hard to access money. I've had nothing but an excellent bank experience with my Chime account these past 2 years. The algorithm is subject to change in future. I received an email yesterday saying my phone number and email had been changed. took 80.74$ as a debt from my account I filed a dispute and I'm not getting any assistance I got an email stating there talking no further action so now I'm out 80.74$ NOT QUIETLY! I love the savings option. Im not pleased AT ALL! I just think that Chime should notify you if there is an increase or decrease in your overdraft amount. Chime Bank - Chime is bad banking I Call to get a charm account and it said I couldnt get one because someone already had one in my name with my phone number and Social Security number and Ive never had a card or an account with you guys Gave me no details as to my account! I have been with chime for awhile and never had nobody take money out of my account I had a lot of people to get chime now I don’t trusted it I feel chime was the ones to take the money out of my account how people take 3,400 out of somebody account . 1. I had my unemployment benefits deposited into my Chime account and also used Apple Pay to make cash deposits. Review #2307325 is a subjective opinion of poster. Check our FAQ. Chime refuses to release my funds due to a fraud issue. I want the money back in my account. I have kids to feed and bills to pay today with no money in my account I know its a personally issue but it makes no sense when MY WIFE go it EARLY this morning. Chime Bank was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 16, 2018 and since then this brand received 1316 reviews. My wife and I have the same bank ( chime) her check was deposited @ 3:22 am on nov.27, 2020 mine had not dropped and I need to know when it will drop because at this point your *** with my money. The account is processing transactions without my knowledge and when I try to reset the password it doesn't let me but have access to my email. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews. Would not allow me to speak to a supervisor, and after so many attempts to speak with someone higher, the customer service reps would hang up as soon as I verified my account almost as if it was flagged.Add to that the multiple instances of unexpected downtime, sometimes leaving your account unusable for days at a time, this online bank is more of a headache and burden than what its worth. User's recommendation: Dont do it. Also, the account was made fraudulently. I was forced to leave my home and find a shelter. I do not have a chime card I don’t know why they say my social security number is acossi with you all. Chime Bank ranks 46 of 690 in Banks category. I would not bank with chime they are unreliable when it comes to direct deposits, I've had chime for a few months now at first I loved them got my paychecks a day early spotme was convenient but then I noticed money be taken off my card at different places I call them file a dispute get a new card and I'd get my money back and an email from them saying it was there error then it'll happen again and again to where I'd have 3 bank cards within those few months they would always tell me to change my password and pin number every couple months that's ridiculous and I refuse to do that I'm not going through them anymore I wouldn't recommend them to any of my friends or family. Review #2008879 is a subjective opinion of poster. Please be aware that some (or all) products and services linked in this article are from our sponsors. Everything in my refrigerator has expired and I have 2 small children. They even took the spot me $20 .. customer service is now not responding to emails.. no response at all, Ok so not only did I go to jail on June 4 2020 and got out on like 17 th during that process my card received a bunch of money added and then transferred to the person who has stolen everything in life from me we list our jobs and I'm living in a tent, I want to use my card but cant find it need another one. I sent them proof of what happened and a representative told me that the charge would not post to my account it would fall off within 24 hours. Review #2310593 is a subjective opinion of poster. For making my life a living hell. My internet and my Energy bill. You guys deactivated my main card! Well that was a lie. My information was hacked and used without my permission. The only reason I haven't switched is because I haven't had a day off to go to an actual bank and set up an account. My card delclined at merchant, but the money was tooken off my card. You really took a lot from us! BEWARE CHIME SOUNDS GOOD AT FIRST BUT THEY ARE NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE.