The sauce doesn’t contain maltose, a key ingredient in authentic Chinese BBQ pork. If you have ever been at a Chinese hotpot restaurant such as Haidilao . We served with pork tenderloin and thought it was delicious! 海鲜酱 literally means seafood sauce, but there is no seafood ingredients included. The dipping sauce is an integral part of the hotpot experience, and many tasty ones can be bought ready-made. It is mostly used a sauce for grilling meat and it is very popular among Cantonese Chinese. The Chinese name is quite misunderstanding. The sauce … I have been searching for a Chinese BBQ Sauce for quite some time. It is translated as Chinese BBQ sauce, although literally it … Read More. This is a keeper. The sauce will be less sticky but still maintain a thick consistency for use as a regular BBQ sauce. This sauce had great flavor combinations and is perfect for all the food I have tried it on. My family likes spicy foods and sauces. L ike bread and butter, lemon and tea, popcorn and salt, the right dipping sauce is a hotpot’s best companion. Hoisin sauce (海鲜酱) is a combined thick and fragrant sauce from Chinese cuisine. you might have seen the sauce bar: a great collection of different … jkstrmom Rating: 5 stars 05/02/2009. Many Chinese have not tasted it before. Some recommendations. A previous answer is correct. Hoisin Sauce is the magic but misleading sauce. The Cantonese name is called Char Siu sauce. This sauce has a rich, umami-caramel flavor made with ingredients you already have in your pantry. 15 homemade recipes for chinese dipping sauce from the biggest global cooking community! See recipes for Teresa's Homemade BBQ Dipping Soy Sauce too. In most cases, we use it as a glaze for all types of BBQ and stir fries.