200g Chinese baby spinach (about 2 bunches) 1½ tbsp cooking oil . This soup tastes light and savory. 50g minced meat (preferably lean pork) 1 salted egg yolk, diced. It’s actually the most popular breakfast in Asia. Yes, I said soup for breakfast. The soup usually contains salted egg and fresh chicken egg but this recipe only has century egg. Add the garlic, yoke chok and white bait to simmer through till the soup is tasty. A slight twist from traditional egg drop soup, this Spinach Egg Drop Soup is light, healthy, and perfect for one or two people. Century egg (and some add one salted duck egg too) 1 small fistful of whitebaits (the tiny, little, white ikan bilis?) Flavourings – salt, pepper and two tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine _____ Boil the water. Spinach Egg Drop Soup is a great breakfast to fortify your body and keep your nervous system calm. 1 In a bowl, dissolve the chicken stock powder in warm water. Eating it makes you happy and it only takes 3 minutes! DIRECTIONS. Chinese spinach soup with century egg and goji berries. Add the egg and spinach and the flavourings. https://eatwhattonight.com/2016/02/tri-eggs-spinach-in-superior-broth 1 egg, beaten. 4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced. It gives you a warm and cozy feeling. The third recipe is a popular soup sold in many Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Recipe 3. What I’ve learned in 5 years of food blogging #2: I REALLY love soup.Okay, I knew that long before I started blogging, but since then I’ve shared at least 39 soup recipes.I eat soup all year long, both hot and chilled varieties. www.ellenaguan.com/2014/05/2-recipes-chinese-spinach-with-3-eggs.html Read Also: RECIPE: An authentic Peranakan laksa recipe . ½ century egg, diced . It’s also high in protein.