You can also use this to mass-send these scales to your entire program at on, Save 20% with this bundle of five-note scale warmups. You will receive a single Google Doc with links to "make a copy" of each quiz. Patterns C. Patterns G Flat. Also included in: Back to School Bundle for Band! They are great for concert band, orchestra, jazz band or any setting where you have instruments in multiple keys. Continue tapping your foot, but this time play along, Please see below for Mr. Thompson’s Office Hours by school. Details . It is the highest note in the scale and should sound like a high version of the first note. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Post a recording on Flipgrid of your favorite song to play on your instrument. More shop results >> Sheet music sales from Europe. 12 major scales are listed, along with their concert scale transposition and enharmonic equivalent scale. For the new year, move your BEGINNER FLUTES, CLARINETS, SAXOPHONES, TRUMPETS AND BARITONES quickly on their tec, Serve band students of all levels all at once during scale warm-ups5 Difficulty Levels | 4 Keys | 14 InstrumentsAllow students of all ability levels to engage with your scale warm-up during Band Class, all at the same time. Most method books have the entire chromatic scale in the back of the book which is visually overwhelming. Patterns A Flat . E-flat instruments: alto saxophone. Give to your entire band and fly through the chromatic scale in seconds!Tenor Sax and Hor, This product can be used as a short assessment, bell ringer activity, exit ticket, and/or assignment to reinforce note identification for the first 5 pitches of the Concert Bb Major Scale: Bb, C, D, Eb and F. (Brass players are also assessed on their fingerings.) This way, students can start connecting the dots of how each key relates. It includes:Beginning Band Letter Name Ticket Assessments - First 3 Notes: Concert D, E-flat, FBeginning Band Letter Name Ticket Assessments - First 5 Notes: Concert B-flat, C, D, E-flat, FBeginning Band Letter Name Tick, Finally, a fingering chart specifically designed to streamline the teaching of the chromatic scale! The song can be from your lesson book or from a movie/pop book. All, Major Scales with Fingerings for Concert Band Instruments, Beginning Band Fingering Charts | Concert Bb Scale, Concert Bb Scale and Warm-up for Concert Band, Concert Band Major Scales - Treble Clef (Circle of fourths/Circle of fifths), Concert Band Major Scales - Bass Clef (Circle of fourths/Circle of fifths), Concert B Flat Scale Review - Beginner Band Note Naming, First Five Notes | Concert Bb Band | Speed Note Naming | 5 Note Flash Worksheets. The three steps are: Click on this link and complete the 3 steps! Each presentation focuses solely on the 8 notes of the scale for each instrument (There is a separate presentation, This is a fun music activity to help reinforce note identification and increase reading fluency for the 1st five pitches in the concert Bb scale. Therefore, in a B Flat … Concert Pitch: Trombone, flute, oboe, tuba. Afternoon Parade is a concert band piece written for band students in their 1st and 2nd year of playing. Details. Detailed enough for concert music performan, This is a bundle of quizzes to help keep your instruction relevant during distance learning. Alternate scale fingerings are used to facilitate correct learning of, This fingering chart for beginning band students lists the notes in the Concert Bb scale. The second scale The only exception is that the flutes and oboes have a slightly extended range to a high C. A 49 Band Self-Grading Google Forms Quizzes- letter names, fingerings & scales! This is a fun music activity to help reinforce note identification and increase reading fluency for notes in the concert Bb scale. Thes, These scale sheets were created to help students easily understand "concert" pitch as it relates to their own pitch. This grading rubric is easy to use, and provides detailed information to the performer for future reference. It is written in the key of B flat with instrument ranges staying within the concert B flat scale. Monday             9 AM – 11 AM                   Ebenezer, Wednesday       9 AM – 11 AM                   Union Canal, Thursday           9 AM – 11 AM                   Cornwall, Friday                9 AM – 11 AM                   South Lebanon. Pay special attention to the TEMPO CHANGE and the TIME SIGNATURE CHANGE! Patterns E. Patterns - E Flat. Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, and Tuba. If you or your students have any questions, please feel free to email me at. These stickers sets are pre-formatted to print on Avery 8293 1.5" permanent round sticker labels (See preview for details on printing).Inspire your students to practice and memorize their scales!