Newborn babies should breastfeed 8–12 times per day for about the first month. Breastfeeding on demand is the ideal way to keep milk production in sync with a baby's needs. Learn about hunger cues and the need for maternal helpers. Once or twice a day breastfeeding sessions can continue for months and even years, depending upon the child and mom. Baby may get more easily distracted Around 6 to 10 months, baby will be nursing along and then suddenly pull … Tips for coping. Here's what you need to know about how often and how long to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding can work wonders when baby is hurt, sad, upset (nursing is a great tantrum-tamer), or sick. Sam Oct 17 at 3:45 am. My boy is 26 months and still breastfeeding on demand multiple times per day and multiple times at night. Reply. Toddlers breastfeed for comfort, in addition to nutrition. The night feedings are a bit of a drag but I’m so happy to still be nursing him. Breastfed babies tend to feed more frequently than bottle-fed babies, or those combining breast and bottle (Casiday, 2004).This is because formula milk takes longer to digest (Martin, 2016).. It’s best to feed your baby on demand rather than sticking to a feeding schedule. We do have a beautiful bond and he is so healthy! Hi ladies, I’m so glad I came across this post. It helps ensure that babies get enough milk, and it might benefit emotional and cognitive development. Of course, if you schedule baby’s feedings, you might just be providing food, but our experts say feeding on demand can offer great emotional benefits. Breastfeeding is a natural thing to do, but it still comes with its fair share of questions.