When you have a challenging encounter with a parent, you can use the steps below to get things back on track in order to provide the best care for the child you all care so deeply about. If you want to communicate with your parents effectively think about how you like to engage in your personal life: Social media. Effective communication between parents and teachers starts with positivity. But it still was a rotten way to end a long day. Easy & Effective Ways to Communicate with Parents and Families Parents and families are our best allies but finding time to communicate with them can be timely and redundant. Ask individual family members often whether they are getting information that you send out to all of the families and to them in particular. The basis of effective communication with parents also starts with trust. Better to send the same message multiple ways and risk minor annoyance than to rely on one way of communicating that isn’t effective for all parents. Like friendliness, a little positivity goes a long way. This medium has turned into one of the top ways of interacting, rivaled only by texting as a favorite means of communicating. Yet we all know that communicating with parents and families can set the tone for your entire school year. Communicating with Parents: 3 Key Steps. Make it two way. When contacting a student’s parent or guardian, start out by saying something positive about him or her. A limitation of the majority of school communication at the moment is that a lot of it is one-way, or not truly two-way. Here are a few ideas on how to effectively communicate with parents using technology. Step 1: Notice how you are feeling. Foster a sense of trust.