Emerald should be worn with White Sapphire to get outstanding results. Emerald is the astrological, precious gem stone related to Mercury, which is the planet of intelligence, speech, communication, trade and commerce. Therefore, professionals such as diplomats, event managers, PRs, accountants and lawyers are highly recommended to wear Panna ratna. In western culture, Emerald birthstone is considered lucky for people born in the month of May. Emerald gemstone is found in countries like Russia, Brazil, South America, Zambia, Pakistan and Columbia. The Dasam Bhava or 10th house in Kundli indicates about the native’s career. The ancient saints and sages have described a lot about the emerald stone benefits, its metaphysical properties and strong healing powers. According to Astrology, Panna stone stores the energy of Mercury and the wearer is likely to be benefitted with good health, wisdom, wealth, creativity, and blissful marital life. Realme 6 Pro Predictions. The harmonious energies of this gemstone stimulate positivity and understanding between the couple. Some of them have been listed below: It helps in maintaining good health, wealth and happiness. Indian horoscope is divided into 12 houses, each house signifies certain qualities and relationships. e) Physicians, Astrologers, healers and practitioners can avail the immense benefit by wearing Emerald stone as the stone will enhance their intellect and proficiency. Mercury is the ruling planet of Emerald. You should wear this stone if Mercury is afflicted by Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu and combusted by the Sun. Emerald is the birthstone for individuals born in the month of May. Panna ratna benefits the wearer in gaining good learning capacity and presentations skills. 15% off on gemstones + exciting offers! Emerald is the birthstone for individuals born in the month of May. Let’s discuss how the placement of Mercury in different houses affects Panna astrology and its impact on the wearer’s life. A poet has beautifully expressed this emerald benefit as -, “Who first beholds the light of day, In spring’s sweet flowery month of May, And swears an Emerald all her life, Shall be a loved, and happy wife.”. To Get Your Personalized Solutions, Talk To An Astrologer Now! Emerald would neutralize the planet if Mercury is debilitated, combusted in between malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. (We never post to your social media without your permission). It will benefit you as a ascendant lord. c) Emerald stone reduces the chances of cheating and losses in business and accelerates decision making power and intuition of the wearer. Hence, it is highly beneficial to businessmen. Hence, it is highly beneficial to businessmen. a) Individuals born in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius ascendant should wear emerald. You can avail highly beneficial results if Emerald is worn with Blue Sapphire. The placement of planet in different houses can create different impact in native’s life. And my name is JimiLama, I’m a Libran need assistance for gem stone, https://www.gempundit.com/gemstone-recommendation. Emerald Gemstone Benefits. According to astrology, any person with a weak mercury can face problems that are related to this planet. Emeralds are associated with prosperity and riches, but they offer more than material benefits. e) After that placed the silver ring stone on green cloth with a picture of Mercury Yantra on it and burn 5 incense stick and chant a mantra “Aum Bum Budhaye Namah Aum” or “Om Budhaye Namah” 108 times. Astrologers, thus, highly recommend wearing Panna for people working in banking, finance, share market trading or book keeping etc. b) The wearer is protected from enemies and negativity. Being related to Mercury, the first planet of our solar system, Panna holds a special place in old Hindu Scriptures. Happy Birthday L.K Advani: Is he standing at the Culmination of his tenure? Oct 10, 2013, Subscribe to our Newsletter for special offers, new blog posts and exclusive deals, Sales: Mon-Sun 9:30am - 11:30pm IST Support: Mon-Sat 9:30am - 6:30pm IST, Copyright © 2020 GemPundit.com - All Rights Reserved. d) The individuals who are suffering from stammering can recover by wearing Emerald stone. Before knowing the Benefits and Procedure of wearing Emerald for Astrology, Let us know some Facts about Emerald Stone. Since ancient times, Emerald or Panna rashi ratan is regarded as a highly effective astrological gemstone of vedic astrology. d) Panna stone is also beneficial to the researchers as the stone would enhance their proficiency and aid them to get great results from their research. Emerald Stone Astrology. Emerald is a very beautiful and stunning stone and it is categorized in the top three stones of the world along with Ruby and Sapphires. Being associated with planet Budh, emerald gemstone is also denoted as Budh Ratna. b) Mercury is not the beneficial planet for Aries ascendant individuals as the planet is the lord of the third and sixth house. According to the classical Hindu literature, emerald gemstone represents small yet powerful planet Mercury (Budh) that bears a strong influence over native’s life. Emerald gemstone is found in countries like Russia, Brazil, South America, Zambia, Pakistan and Columbia. So, it is better to go for an expert advice to avail the benefits … Important: The following pictures are highly magnified (30X) and do not show the gems' real size. My date of birth is Sept 6.....1980. Scientific facts about Emeralds. The healing energies of Panna gemstone benefits the individual in gaining confidence and better expression skills. d) The stone should be embedded in silver, gold or bronze ring. All the above ascendants can wear Emerald stone only during Mercury Mahadasha and Antardasha or when Mercury is placed in its own sign or in exalted sign. I will discuss about the astrological benefits of emerald gemstone in this upcoming crumb of the blog. Published on February 20, 2018 at 9:10 am. Variety of Beryl, this entrancing gemstone derives its signature green color from the presence of Chromium and sometimes, Vanadium. Emerald ( Panna ) Stone Astrological Benefits : Panna is known to be a beneficial stone for everybody. a) If your child finds difficulty in concentrating while studying or find difficulty in grasping the topics or your child is unable to get desired results even though he has worked hard throughout the year then this magical stone would be beneficial to them and reduce their problems and increase their focus and concentration. f) The wearer can enrich their prospects and luck. The power of the gemstone is high during the spring and is a lucky symbol for love. Before knowing the Benefits and Procedure of wearing Emerald for Astrology, Let us know some Facts about Emerald Stone. Ajay says. February 20, 2018 at 9:08 am. c) The gemstone reduces the anxiety of labour pain among pregnant women. Wearing green emerald stone benefits the wearer in gaining improved thinking abilities and better expression of thoughts. e) Emerald gemstone is advisable to Libra ascendant individuals because Mercury is the lord of the ninth house and friendly to the ascendant lord. Emerald (Panna) gemstone benefits people who are dealing with a stressful relationship. Black Friday SALE is LIVE! Emerald is the gemstone of the planet Mercury and it blesses the wearer intelligence, logical skills, good marketing and business skills. a) The individuals suffering from allergies, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and nervous disorders can get relief from it by wearing Emerald stone. b) The individuals who have problems related to speech can overcome it after wearing Emerald stone. If Mercury occupies the 10th house in the chart, it usually makes the person good at management and the person gains public support easily. It i mproves learning abilities, communication and clairvoyance and it is beneficial to the nervous system.