Guitarists recognize the importance of guitar finger exercises, but that doesn’t mean they do them properly. Some beginner guitar students blame the lack of flexibility to short, […] Bigstock photo Playing guitar requires a decent amount of flexibility in your fingers. When you practice guitar regularly you develop more flexibility but at the same time you need more of that flexibility because your riffs and licks become more advanced as you progress. Check out his infamous and world-renowned ‘Rock Discipline’ DVD here , and purchase the transcriptions here . Guitar Finger Stretching Exercise #2 – The Spider (Video Guitar Lesson 2 of 3) You can do the next exercise on any set of 2 adjacent strings. Check out 5 amazing finger stretching exercises to improve your guitar skills. See the results in just few days. If you can do it ok - then start moving the whole exercise down the fingerboard - because the frets get further apart it … You could reverse the direction and come back down as well. Actual Finger Stretches for Guitar. Since you are working your way up the neck of the guitar with this one, it actually gets easier. Lastly, you try and stretch out both your finger 1 and 4 out - which makes a BIG stretch. Keeping your palms and fingers together, move your elbows gently upward and away from your body. Start them slow & then increase the tempo. Why Finger Exercises for Guitar Players is Important. Guitar Finger Exercises II – Awkward Finger Stretches This next drill is weird, and we have to give a shout-out to the one and only John Petrucci (Dream Theater) for it. Finger stretches for guitar: do them right, and they’ll unlock next level playing. Guitar exercises are practiced because they increase your finger strength and endurance, help with proper finger positioning, help with playing speed and flexibility, and simply enable you to warm up before playing.. Get them wrong, however, and you’re in for a world of hurt. And, they can help increase your finger flexibility for playing the piano or guitar, or simply to release the stress in your hands from typing all day. First, put your hands together in front of your chest, in “prayer position,” fingers pointed upward. Then onto Ex.3 where you will stretch your first finger back. Finger stretches can help you recover from an injury, arthritis, systemic sclerosis or other diseases.