Check In: What are Game of Thrones Cast Members Up to in 2020? Watching the cold open was very weird. If they don’t, that would be unrealistic. Margaery, Olenna and the possibility of the Mountain crushing those religious fanatics are enough for me to get excited about this storyline. So, whatever. Jackass Award: Glover was up for the award, but his reasoning for not helping Jon and Sansa made perfect sense. The jury is still out on how the entirety of Season 6 will be perceived by the masses as we have three more episodes left to absorb. Not only did he survive but he also went on to have a (possibly) Hall of Fame NBA career. As for social media – I don’t go on it before an episode either. Better odds than staying there anyway. There are a lot of interesting developments, but the only thing people are going to be talking about is the potential for a Cleganebowl. That’s a compliment. And the Waif will come, prepared only to deliver the coup de grace to a weakened opponent. The normal time for viewing in the UK is 9pm on Monday and after that, there is a program called ‘Thronecast’ which does give a preview of the next episode at the end. He also won’t do the same ”mistake” Stannis did, staying to long risking getting caught in a storm. By which I mean I can’t tell either. I thought I was on the wrong channel. At first, I thought she had dived into the bay to retrieve her own bag of silver from where she threw it, near where she hid Needle. Also, favorite quote was from Bronn “Don’t say it. It seems like something was corrupted in the headers? I made note of that in my head. Hence why the faceless men can use it as a poison or why it cured Arya’s blindness. Who pissed in your Wheaties this morning? The other outlier is Brienne, who just so happens to show up in a scene with Jaime in the preview for next week. He wasn’t all that far away..and sound would really carry in those flat areas, Cersei’s Brain: Enjoy! They made a Point of showing how the Waif girl turned the knife in Arya’s abdomen. Not impressed, as the Blackfish eloquently put it. One reason would be religious differences: Lord of Light vs. the Seven. Me with Nevermore – One of the friendly ravens who lives up on the mountain on this island and who likes to pester the tourists for munchies , Whether he would be any good for flying messages around Westeros, a man cannot say . I haven’t seen any since the Prince piece? But I knew I wasn’t going to die that day. So maybe Ramsey will be stupid and come out to meet them on the field like he did with Stannis. Also, who’d have rhought that a 10 yr old girl could be such a badass. I’m new to this site (gotta lotta back reading to do, cuz Oz, that was a great recap) – but explain to me something… Thank you for your eloquent request. Oh, and always Bronn. When you have walls, you know who your real enemies are: they’re the other guys trying to knock down said walls. Another great post, Oz. And given that the Unsullied articles are bookended by statements such as “No spoilers, at all! She didn’t have a second bag of silver. Expect to see something when you come on a website like this. I’ll just be careful if I read the articles from now on, like I am on other parts of the site. Ned and his ancestors earned their name. cause I will check it out tonight and see if I can figure out what ATrueFool, figured out. My boy Jon is killing it. (And their story arc is the most important right now, along with Bran’s.). – The hound and the BWB…. What the fuck’s a Lommy? The septon, like Clegane, is a soldier, and the two have a natural rapport. That being said, do I think there will be a good reason this played out this way in a later episode this season? Of course, the Freys have Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies), but apparently, Brynden The Black Fish (Clive Russell) knows that either a) he won’t get out of the castle alive or b) without Riverrun, there’s not much point to being a Tully. I was stabbed repeatedly in the gut, and once to my right arm, many years ago, by someone who wished to take what was mine. Anyone wants to place a bet on whether Edmure will talk this season? But the Glovers were having none of it and send the trio away empty handed. HS wants to know if, when push comes to shove, she is still more loyal to family than faith. But for him being played by such an attractive man, I would be very much looking forward to his demise so that we can go on with the story. Oh man, give it a rest. Is this the same brotherhood that we witnessed in Season 3? I’m not sure exactly how I expected this to play out. It just might happen; but first, the Hound’s got a Brotherhood to slaughter. More precisely, I think if you have a clear picture of the earlier scenes in your head when you watch the most recent scene, something will be obvious to you that was not obvious to me on first watching live. where the link is made back to the original poster? Spoiler note: The discussion in this post is primarily for non-book readers as well as viewers who have NOT been spoiled by leaks (book fans can discuss the show-only here). That’s the thing people have been drooling over, the source of many memes, and used as a good excuse to get hype since the show began. It can’t be her. When did they get to be plain bandits? Damn. Anyone wants to place a bet on whether Edmure will talk this season? That’s what I hope happens anyway. I was lucky, the stabbing did not hit a major organ, and despite losing a ton of blood, it was not fatal. On Sky Atlantic I think its repeated 4 times during the week (that’s 8 possible times as one can watch it again on the Sky Atlantic +1 channel !!) Thanks. Required fields are marked *. to reinforce the Frey siege of Riverrun. The staging is incredible, making the slaughter look that much worse, with the final shot of the hanged man being just a knife in the belly. I knew that there had to be something up with that scene–heading off to watch those epi’s now… , Hey Dee, do you like my new avatar? Guess we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. The longer Jon takes to assemble an army, Ramsay can be undertaking his own efforts to consolidate his own support or undermine Jon’s efforts. Yeah, but he is also doing the ”right” thing by marching quickly and not letting Ramsey be the one to decide how/when/where they fight. Maybe your thoughts on what Arya is going to do next, as well as Sansa’s plan with LF, and maybe whether LF will actually help her? Why would she walk around in the open like that? It consists of ten episodes, each of approximately 50–60 minutes long. Up until now, they have shown Bravos to have it’s share of mean idiots, just like any other place does, but also some lovely, compassionate, helpful people as well. Of course, people have come back from Death Before on this show. Littlefinger and Sansa meeting up, Bran coming face to face with the Night King, etc). She has a different haircut, different clothes, she walks and behaves as a naive child (Arya hasn’t behaved like a child since she departed Winterfell back in Season 1). If Brienne can strike a deal then this should be over next week. I was speaking with my brother (VERY CASUAL VIEWER) and he was like why did Theon’s uncle slaughter these people. Agree that Arya’s scene is a bit of a head scratcher. And then there was a Hound, alive and well, and helping an unnamed group of people in construction. If I hadn’t been approached and attacked prior to being wounded, my fate may have been very different. Areo was to be taken down fast, judging from the reactions to the delivery of the letter. Or are you viewing from a location that does not roll out the preview immediately following the episode? Sandor states that he has done some bad things and questions why the Gods didn’t punish him, to which Ray answers that they already had. When they’re talking about no spoilers, that’s usually focused on over enthusiastic book readers and known leaks/filming spoilers. And the dialogue was just wonderful. Her prospects aren’t rosy, especially since I don’t think she will be granted a trial by combat after all. So the group the hound was with believed in silent death that he never hreard a scream , Arya forgot about the faceless and the north remember , remembered how Robb put love before loyalty . Place the spoiler remarks inside this short code: Remove the extra spaces between the word spoiler and the brackets, and the front slash and brackets before publishing your comment. I’ve been on here far too much lol. When we look back on how awesome 8, 9, and 10 are we should be thankful for these last couple of episodes. How exactly is she related to Jorah again? Its on my phone so when I’m at work 7-4, lunch breaks and post work out relaxation – I keep up with the news, Usually Mia after the season ends cause I don’t do spoilers. Thanks for sharing! That’s kind of you to offer, but it’s okay. And why would the Brotherhood kill a peaceful religious faction, even if they were hungry? I think my issue with it was that in context of other stabbings previously in the season and in seasons past have been fatal and seemed to do way less damage. George R.R. Thank you! And you are correct… I usually leave the speculation on the preview to the Looking Forward post.