Six Soft Skills. June 6, 2019 | By Matthew Kerr | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW. Marketers need to embrace this new reality, and get our own house in order. Here are 10 hard skills that are the most achievable for digital marketers – and the ones that can help you forge a broader knowledge of the industry. June 20, 2013 rharding. If you are interested in digital marketing, this is a great time to improve your hard skills for the industry. 11. Just to get on the same page, when I talk about technical skills in marketing, a few different buzzwords and titles might come to mind: growth hacker, full stack marketer, technical marketer, T shaped marketer, conversion optimizer, etc. If you are applying for a software developer, some of the best hard skills are the ability to use one or more development language such as Java, C++, Smalltalk, PHP, .NET, and etc. This is particularly interesting for the field of marketing simply because marketing has changed so much in the last decade. Communication as a College Major and a Career (Part III) June 20, 2013 rharding. Examples of a software developer soft skills are the ability to work successfully in a team, good communication skills, etc. Top 10 Hard Skills Employers Love: List & Examples. The best marketing candidates have strong hard and soft skills that will allow them to succeed and add value to the organization from day one. An incomplete list of technical skills valuable in digital marketing. Even though a lot of businesses are laying off their employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to say that digital marketing will remain relevant in 2020 and the years to come. While successful marketers can exhibit a wide variety of traits, we’ve identified 11 marketing skills that really stand out today. Hard skills are ones that can be taught. Hard skills are tangible and visible and vary from individual to individual in both quantity and quality. Marketing Hard and Soft Skills in Your Resume. Let’s look at ourselves and define the technical marketing skills we need to truly develop, just like a programmer does. now playing. now playing. Today’s essential marketing skills. Should hard skills like social media experience and an analytical background be the main factors considered for a marketing role? Emotional intelligence. But today’s world is buying hard skills and discounting soft skills, whether we like it or not. In general, today’s highly successful marketers: Marketing Hard and Soft Skills in Your Resume 0 more . When it comes to figuring out the right skills for resumes, applicants often sell themselves short by failing to paint a comprehensive picture of their abilities – most notably, their hard skills. 1.