Golden Age Project R1 Mk2; 8. For the price of the GA-800G, you could get both a GA-47 and GA-251. Golden Age Premier GA-251 The GA-47 has a more prominent upper midrange, highlighting the percussive sound of plectrum against strings, while the GA-251 sounds more rounded in the broad midrange. Golden Age Premier GA-800G When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I believe the D2 is a fantastic microphone that is every inch a peer of the most high end microphones in broadcast space. Image: Golden Age Premier. This ONE here, the Golden Age D2, should be right up with all of the others. Based on vintage Neumann and AKG/Telefunken designs, these valve condenser microphones are up there with the best. Microphones / Miking; By Neil Rogers . The microphone itself is built like a tank. Home. CadLive D82; 4. New Product Alert. This mic SHOULD be the gold standard for podcasters and those looking for something that sounds like an RE20 but costs about a quarter as much. Valve Microphone . It ensures that you can record different kinds of sound sources, including acoustics and vocals. It's been 15 years since Golden Age Project released their first product, the Pre‑73 mic preamp. When you want a high-performance device with a vintage look, look no further than the Golden Age Project R1MK2. The Sony C‑800G is among the greatest vocal mics ever made, but getting hold of one has never been easy. Both mics have excellent high-frequency extension, though the sense of air and space is more obvious in the GA-251, as my attention isn’t drawn to the treble region in general. For the first product in their new Premier range, Golden Age are tackling perhaps the most famous studio mic of them all. Golden Age Project R1 active Mk3; 3. Learn more. Multi-pattern Valve Microphone . Golden Age Premier GA-47 £1,265 and GA-251 £1,495. Reviews; Golden Age Premier GA-800G. MXL R144; 7. Golden Age Project R1 MK2; 5. All This Thread Reviews Gear Database Gear for sale Latest Trending. Golden Age Project R1MK2. Hey there! Avantone Pro CR-14 Published November 2018. Cascade Microphones 98-G-A FAT; 6. Microphones / Miking; By Neil Rogers . Everyone talks about all of the other dynamic microphones. Product Alerts older than 2 months. The case for it is a hard plastic with foam inside. I own and have owned many high end microphones (SM7B, RE20, Heils etc) but never a Golden Age Project (GAP) mic. I pulled this microphone out of the box and was impressed. Buy it on Reviews; Golden Age Premier GA-47. Published July 2020. The Forums . Se Electronics Sea/SEX1R; 9. 2. You get a clear and natural sound when using this ribbon microphone.