You aren't logged in. That being said, you may experience some delays in working with AARC. Prepare for your ham radio General class license with amateur radio flashcards, amateur radio practice tests, and explanations for ham radio questions Statistics are not being recorded. The Anchorage Alaska Amateur Radio Club is the VEC that has offered the ham radio test completely online for the longest amount of time. My Stats. Amateur radio operators (also known as “hams”) can make friends in their local area, across America, and even all over the globe. Please log in using the form on the left or create an account to start tracking your progress. Ham Radio General Class Practice Test Getting a ham radio license can open up a whole new world of discovery, community, friendship, and public service. In addition to their exam software and logistics, they also work hard to maintain the integrity of the testing system. The QRZ Practice Tests for amateur radio exams are free and open to the public. Please Login. She says she loves the art of radio and community … ... Laura of Georgia studied with Ham Radio Prep and passed her Technician class FCC exam and her General, too! Access over 83% of all amateur radio HF bandwidth, unlocking long range transmission capability. No previous or existing amateur license is required to participate.