I’m so happy that you enjoyed it, Maida! This homemade dressing, however, is made with nutrient-packed ingredients. 2-tablespoon servings, about 3/4 cup total. Place all ingredients in a blender, and puree until smooth. Thank you for sharing this kind review! Reviewed by Barbie Cervoni MS, RD, CDCES, CDN, Reviewed by Jonathan Valdez, RDN, CDE, CPT, 11 Healthy Green Bean Recipes for Thanksgiving, What to Eat at TGI Fridays: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts, Kneaders Nutrition Facts: Healthy Menu Choices for Every Diet, What to Eat at Papa Murphy's: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts, Crouton Bread Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits, What to Eat at Costco Food Court: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts, What to Eat at Denny's: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts, What to Eat at Noodles & Company: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts, How to Make a Gluten-Free Caesar Salad, Right Down to the Dressing, What to Eat at Veggie Grill: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts, How to Choose a Healthier Salad Dressings Without Sacrificing Flavor, You Can Easily Ruin a Healthy Salad With Common Mistakes, Ranch Dressing Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits, 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese (freshly grated), 1 (8 ounce) grilled chicken breast (sliced). If you would like to pack this salad to take for lunch, leave the dressing off and mix it in when you’re ready to eat. Spray with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder. Yummmm! Use a high-quality parmesan cheese that you grate yourself so you get the most flavor out of just a little bit. My secrets for making wholesome meals you'll WANT to eat. Even the staunchest of veggie skeptics cannot deny the appeal of buttery croutons, crisp romaine, salty Parmesan cheese, and that oh-so-addictive creamy Caesar Dressing. ENJOY! I adore both sweets and veggies, and I am on a mission to save you time and dishes. 1.5 It all depends upon the dressing. Mine came out a bit thick, even though I followed the steps accurately. 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese ▢ Many people order Caesar salads at restaurants in an attempt to eat healthy, but there are usually much healthier options when eating out. Place all ingredients (Greek yogurt, Parmesan, olive oil, lemon juice, anchovy, mustard, and garlic) in a blender or food processor. thickening). It’s delicious as it is, but if you like a more elaborate salad, feel free to add more vegetables or top with nuts or chickpeas. Whenever I have a jar of this dressing in my fridge, I find myself reaching for lettuce at the store more often, simply because I want to enjoy this dressing. Not only do I use it with romaine for a caesar salad, it also makes a great dip. Add sliced onion and parmesan. Although I adore traditional Caesar dressing’s garlicky flavor and decadent texture, I often shy away from ordering Caesar salads when I’m out or purchasing Caesar dressing at the grocery store. My favorite is dipping Gardein seven-grain crispy tendersinto it. I find I can enjoy it more often (and in bigger quantities!) Most are so overloaded with heavy, processed ingredients, they virtually negate the positive effects of ordering a salad in the first place. 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice ▢ Easy Homemade Caesar Salad and Dressing (Without Anchovies) Umm….no thanks! This recipe can serve as a base for all of your Caesar salad needs. Disclosure & Privacy Policy. I’m so happy that you enjoyed it, Stephanie! 1 cup sour cream full fat ▢ This post contains some affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission off items you purchase at no additional cost to you. This recipe is fast and foolproof. For gluten-free, use gluten-free bread. This homemade Caesar dressing recipe has all the richness and flavor you’ve come to expect, but it’s healthy and easy to make too! I like keeping a mason jar of this dressing in my fridge so I can grab it and use it whenever I want. To be successful, the egg yolk needs to be blended with the other ingredients in a particular, carefully-timed way. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until croutons are golden and crispy, stirring every few minutes. Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 garlic clove minced ▢ It comes together in minutes and tastes so much better than storebought! 2 tablespoons dijon mustard. Sprinkle with croutons and divide onto 2 plates. Ingredients ▢ without needing to worry about moderation as much. Thank you! Spread into a single layer on a baking sheet lined with foil. The same is true of short cut dressings that call for mayo. 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce. One of the easiest tweaks is to make your own healthy Caesar dressing. I’ve also made a caesar pasta salad with it a few times and it’s one of my favorite meals. 1 cup plain greek yogurt I use fat free. Use a high-quality parmesan cheese that you grate yourself so you get the most flavor out of just a little bit. Store bought Caesar salad dressings are loaded with processed ingredients and even added sugars, which aren’t doing you any favors. WELCOME! Worcestershire or even olives will likely taste fine, but only anchovies can capture Caesar dressing’s somethin’ somethin’. Another way to reduce the sodium in your Caesar salad without sacrificing taste is to make your own croutons with whole wheat bread. An easy, healthy recipe for homemade creamy Caesar dressing made with Greek yogurt. Get simple, delicious recipes to help you eat well without feeling deprived. Required fields are marked *. To make croutons, preheat oven to 400 F and cut bread into cubes. I love to know what you are making! Get creative. 1/4 cup parmesan grated ▢ Worcestershire or even olives will likely taste fine, but only anchovies can capture Caesar dressing’s. Thank you, {{form.email}}, for signing up. If you’re frequently craving Caesar salad too, you may be wondering, “what is the best Caesar salad dressing?” Well, I believe it’s this one! For vegetarian, leave out the chicken and use a vegetarian protein of your choice. It can be tricky and tedious. Loving this! 2 tablespoons spicy brown mustard ▢ To make the dressing, add all ingredients (yogurt through parmesan cheese) to a blender and blend until smooth. Caesar Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Chickpea Croutons.