Place ¼ cup of vinegar in the large mop bucket which now has warm water in it. Brand new or 100 years old, here's how to naturally clean your hardwood floors. The paste is powerful at removing marks and dark spots (like pet stains) without scrubbing the floor. The main purpose of olive oil is to shine the floor whereas lemon is to remove dirt, grime, and debris from the floor. Bamboo Flooring vs Hardwood – Pros, Cons and Cost, Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring – Benefits, Risks and Cost. If the wood floor is old (20+ years old), you should avoid sanding it. Mix warm water, olive oil, and lemon juice in a bucket and stir the whole mixture. You need to avoid ammonia, vinegar or products with harsh chemicals and water-based hardwood floor cleaners. Make sure you are sweeping or mopping in the direction of the wood grain to prevent dirt and grime from getting stuck in cracks between planks. Dampen a cotton mop in this cleaning solution and then wring out the mop so it does not leave pools of water on the floor. Alternatively, you can enhance the shine and color of your old hardwood floor by making a spray of olive oil, 1 cup of vodka. Sweeping or mopping removes dirt, dust, pet hair, debris and other harmful substances that can worsen the condition of your damaged floors. Wood floors are known for being relatively low maintenance, and most of the time, a light damp mopping with a little bit of warm water is all that’s needed for routine cleaning. Apply the paste to the stain using a sponge or cloth. When it’s time to clean and shine your old hardwood floor, you can use home remedies like vinegar, lemon juice, baking Soda, olive oil, and lemongrass. With our homemade wood floor cleaner You can use warm water and a mop to clean your floors daily. For example, you may have a really dark and worn-out stain on your floors. The solution of water and vinegar cuts through debris, dirt, and grime, leaving a streak-free clean floor. When floors are extra dirty or when more cleaning power is required, check out these homemade hardwood floor cleaners that can save you time, effort and money: It can dramatically change a room and give it an updated look. We earn a commission when you buy a product through the provided links ©2020, All Rights Reserved. Sweep up debris daily. In case you spill a large amount of water on your floor, soak it up with towels to avoid stains and wood damage. Get an expert with sufficient experience to help restore your old hardwood flooring. Unsealed wood floors are different from finished hardwood floors because water can be easily absorbed through the wood, having a greater impact on the life and condition of the flooring. Instead, always use a mop with as little moisture as possible during cleaning. There are many home owners who have discovered the ease and efficiency of homemade hardwood floor cleaners such as vinegar, olive oil, lavender, baking soda, and lemon in cleaning hardwood floors. You will need to change the cleaning mixture (vinegar, water and few drops of lavender) once it appears dirty. You begin the process by filling a bucket with warm water. These home remedies are perfect for cleaning and are readily available. Before using vinegar to remove dirt from your old damaged floor, ensure that you sweep the floor clean. Spray a small amount of hardwood cleaner onto the floor, and then wipe the floor down with a dry terry cloth mop. Whether newly installed or more than a hundred years old, hardwood floors are a striking feature in many homes. How do you gloss up or shine your old damaged hardwood floor without doing all this or refinishing? You will need to use a damp mop (that has been rung out). Good care and maintenance is the best way to ensure that your old wood floor does not get damaged. How do you Clean and Shine Old Damaged Hardwood Floor? Spills from ink, coffee, tea, juices, paint, chemicals, or pet messes can cause dark stains on your wood floor. A complete floor refinishing may need to be done to improve the floors’ appearance. There are many distilled white vinegar uses, and cleaning old hardwood floors naturally is one of them. Select cleaning products that are appropriate for your floor’s finish and clearly labeled “for wood floors.” If you’re not sure what kind of finish you have, contact the manufacturer or check with a wood flooring pro.