The fine seeds mixed with sand are scattered over the surface and covered with a thin layer of soil, then the foil is stretched over the pot to create a greenhouse effect. It you wish to get flowers a little earlier, they can also be started indoors four to six weeks before the last frost date in your area. The godetia varieties that are above 2 ft in height should be staked for the stems with flowers not to get broken, you can use wooden pegs or metal rods for this purpose. The godetia flowers have a similarity with clarkia, also belonging to the family Onagraceae. So how to grow godetia from seeds? =D Post #9432182. Julie Hrabenko Seed Saving: After flowering, this plant will produce long, narrow pods that mature to a dark brown; the ripe seed will be light brown. Beyond their inviting texture, the flowers of Godetia have a pleasing appearance. "Godetia" is the older genus name for the satin flower. I have carefully removed the petals and haven't found anything that looks like a seed. As cut flowers, simple Godetia stems are a wonder to behold. Named for Capt. Godetia plants do not like to be crowded. Every day, take away the foil for a while to ventilate the sprouts and, if necessary, to moisten the soil. The plant is not alone in this regard: Bougainvillea, poppy (Papaver spp. The soil around the growing shoots of godetia should be loosened and weeded for their faster growth and this will provide the roots with room for growth and eliminate unwanted neighbors. As soon as the boxes begin to darken, they are cut off, dried, then they are opened up and the seeds are shaken out. Because Godetia can be plagued by powdery mildew, be sure to provide adequate spacing between the plants. Sow seeds early in the season, and cover lightly with 1/8" of fine garden or potting soil. ), and the aptly named "crepe myrtle" (Lagerstroemia spp.) Godetia thrives best in a weakly acidic or neutral loamy soil in the full sun. Besides godetia, many its hybrids are also cultivated: azalea-flowered, dwarf, double and bushy varieties of godetia. As a fungal disease, powdery mildew on plants is reduced when air circulation is increased. If you wish to try to grow Godetia from seed, sow the seed indoors 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost date listed for your region. The godetia stems are upright, branched, reaching from 8 inches to 2 ft in height and forming neat bushes that can be spreading or pyramidal depending on the species and variety. Dig up and moisten the soil before sowing, add mineral fertilizers and wood ash, as well as humus at the rate of 11 pounds per 11 ft². Godetia, also known as Clarkie, Farewell to Spring, and Satin Flower, is commonly grown across the United States, but it is native to western North America. Clark of Lewis & Clark, the clarkias are some of our most beautiful natives. It has been cultivated since 1867. unguiculata. The plants are tall enough that they may need staking, especially if you just grow one here and one there and if your garden is subject to high winds. Hi I have a indoor hyacinth in a glass vase. How to Grow Godetia Plants: Grow Godetia in full sun. BoopsieTN McMinnville, TN Feb 26, 2013. Godetia seeds are best sown directly into a prepared bed in the garden in spring, March, April or May. The most important soil requirement for Godetia is good drainage. Godetia … Ideal plant spacing is 16" -20". These are lovely, long lasting annuals that I received in a seed swap a few years ago. (Pink one). Even if your seeds are old, they may still germinate. Flower growers prefer to sow seeds directly into the ground to avoid losses during transplantation and pricking-out of seedlings. I must be blind! Store the seed in a cool, dry place. The stems reach 8-15.7 inches in height, upright or pendant, fragile, by the end of the vegetative period they get lignified. Godetia after flowering How to collect the seeds of godetia.