Dragon fruit is an excellent source of fiber, Ilic says. The flesh of the dragon fruit is low in calories and fat-free. You will see it used in fruit salsas for protein as well. Dragon fruit can taste great, if you find a good one. 1. Although the skin of the dragon fruit may look scary, it’s actually quite soft to the touch. It has a thin skin, sweet pulp, and usually red color. How to Eat Dragon Fruit. Note: the skin is not edible. It can be thrown into smoothies raw or frozen for some tropical flair. Fresh dragon fruit is available in many grocery stores. The easiest way is straight out of the skin with a spoon as a snack. It also contains plenty of: Fiber. Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit. Use it to add even more visual interest to an already-stunning poppy seed fruit salad, or take a walk on the spicier side with a honey ginger fruit salad. Dragon fruit can also be pureed and used in sauces, and puddings, and frozen desserts, and drinks. To prepare dragon fruit, you can simply slice it in half, and then scoop out the slightly firm flesh with a spoon and eat it right out of the shell, or carefully use a sharp spoon to cut and remove the flesh from the skin, the slice or cut it any way you like. Prep Dragon Fruit "Poke" The spikes on the fruit are not spiny but soft. How to Eat Dragon Fruit. Once you’ve figured out how to cut dragon fruit, you can explore many ways to eat it. The juice is often used in fresh juices and cocktails. But what most people fixate on are the health benefits, and it sounds like one of the biggest reasons to eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is great for skincare There’s no easier summer dessert than fruit salad – and, thankfully, dragon fruit fits into any fruit salad recipe you love. But because dragon fruit is still a relative newcomer to the United States, this exotic fruit may be picked too early or left on the shelf past its prime. If you’ve already cut the fruit into chunks, you can place them back into the half-shell for an attractive serving presentation (kids love this one). 6. How to cut and eat dragon fruit. Whip Up (Dragon) Fruit Salad. The benefits of eating dragon fruit. You should be able to slice a whole dragon fruit in half easily with a knife. I have even seen it dried into fruit … 5. Dragon fruit is great as a snack as is or mixed into fruit salads. The fruit featured in how to eat dragon fruit is high-magnesium/fiber and can be considered a nutrient-dense food. So here are some of the most important health reason to eat dragon fruit, aside from flavor.