After trying resetting, aluminum foil, using the plugging technique, etc. Following the steps in the correct order can help you to solve your headphone sound issues successfully and you would not have to buy a new headphone every time. One Ear bud is Louder Than the Other. You will observe that when you twist or bend the headphone’s wire, The headphone will start working, but soon the Headphones Only Playing In One Ear Issue will reoccur. Here is some simple and easy fix for the headphones whose only one side works. The headset is paired with Bluetooth (headphones work). If that doesn’t work, it’s time to employ some other measures. I could plug in my headphones and hear the sound as well as I could with the speakers. Check connection. Can you fix headphones that only work on one side? One day I inserted the headphones and was surprised to notice that my headphones only worked out of one ear. What´s up guys. Let’s move on to the next fix. Ok I have a HP Stream 13 and it was working fine for a while. I have a Bluetooth headset with mic which works with my phone, and my other computer. without solving the issue and just getting sloppy results (just one side working, connecting via bluetooth but no sound ) I took apart the right side of the headphones, then pushed gently the little metal sheets of the plug. Instead of tiring your auditory nerves to catch an even melody, try to fix the problem at hand. Start by resetting the Bluetooth headphones. Is this not the issue? How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works. Go to the settings and make sure that the headphones are not set on mono or phone option. Fix#4: Repairing the Headphone DIY. The very first step is to check that if it’s headphones which are causing the trouble or is it the phone which is not working correctly. It ruins the whole experience of the headphones and that is just not what you paid for. Original title: Stereo System Works Fine, Headphones Do Not. this fix is for the issue when the headphones are having issues with all the devices. When I connect to Windows 10 the speakers (headphones) work but the mic does not. One of the most common problems reported by headphone users is that the left ear bud is quieter than the right, or vice versa. The device is listed under recording devices, enabled and is the default headphone and default headset. How to Fix Headphones that only work on one side I hope the solutions that are provided with the respective problems can help you with the doubts you might be facing.