1. Truth is, I could, I just didn’t have the knowledge of how. Limit shampooing to 3 times a week to prevent over-drying, and use a deep conditioner after every washing to keep your hair soft and healthy. Traditional combs and brushes can damage curly hair, so use a wide-tooth comb, afro pick, or even your finger to get rid of tangles. The length is short and the coils are highlighted with blond color. How many times have you tried to get the perfect curly afro? If you’ve been trying to conquer protective styles for short hair, here are 8 options that’ll keep you fresh for the spring and summer months. With the unique style curly hair will make them appear very exclusive. Sometimes when hair is [cut] in a curl by curl process, it can look uneven when you blow it out straight," she says. Feed-in Braids This twist/bantu knot might be the solution to your problem! "If you only wear your hair curly, get it cut in its natural state." Today we are going to present to 21 short curly hairstyles for the African American women. Curly hair provides natural texture that straight hair has to work hard to achieve. https://www.toptrendsguide.com/hairstyles-for-short-curly-hair There are many ladies who are scared to get natural, not simply because they have trouble with their own natural locks texture but because they worry that they’ll end up getting bored really fast because there aren’t a lot of hair styling choices. Smooth N’ Shine has recently launched their new curl line designed for all curly heads alike. It’s easy to get overpowered with curly hair, however. Short Curly Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights; Curls are always beautiful like these curls in the picture. That is why keeping your curly hair in a shorter hairstyle is the perfect way to keep that irresistible texture while still being manageable. You’ll also be amazed by their hairstyle that looks very pretty. Learn how to style them even more perfect with our great assemblage of hairdos for curly hairs! Along with products made to define your natural texture, they made sure to include products to help manage your hair’s health. With some research, I discovered a few ways to get the styles I wanted, despite my short, tapered cut. Short Natural Curly Light Brown Afro … Curls create volume, and if you already have a lot of hair to start with, curly hair might be a lot. Moreover, if a woman Afro featuring short curly hairstyles that will make you look very sleek. Get inspired by these gorgeous styles.