Fort Bragg in Mendocino County was incorporated in 1889 and named after Confederate Army General Braxton Bragg, who previously served in … Click to See All CONTESTS available from, Retirement - Secure income for rest of your life, Now Available Scents from the North Pole - Made in NC, Best holiday lights displays in and around the Triangle, Photos from multi-vehicle crashes at I-40, I-85 interchange near Mebane, DRAUGHON DRAWS: Editorial Cartoons from CBC Opinion, Biden fractures foot while playing with dog, to wear a boot, SBI investigating officer-involved shooting in Harnett County, Level 1 threat for severe weather overnight Sunday, Play a life-size version of Candy Land in downtown Clayton, Toy safety group releases annual list of top 10 'worst' toys, Mysterious miniature house: Hidden remains of a popular Christmas Village from the 1960s, Purchase tickets for WRAL Nights of Lights 2020, Remembering Raleigh: 10 Christmas memories you'll only have if you grew up in Raleigh, Here's what the latest NC mask rules mean, Woman injured in airplane crash is making a remarkable recovery, 2020: Celebrating the Raleigh Christmas Parade, Winter 2020 outlook: Some snow, snaps of cold, NC Museum of Natural Sciences unveils world's first complete T. rex, Family of the man shot by a Harnett County deputy overnight speaks out, Kathryn Brown bids bittersweet farewell to WRAL, Demonstrators push for prison, criminal reform in Graham. “No one had any conviction that changing the name of our town would solve racial equality either locally or globally. City officials estimated it would cost more than $271,000 to change the name. It is located within Cumberland, Hoke, Harnett, and Moore counties and borders the towns of Fayetteville, Spring Lake, and Southern Pines. Coronavirus infections are higher than ever, but COVID-19 deaths are not. Is this the right path? But a name change would take an act of Congress, and the White House would have to sign off on it.​. Bragg … Both the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army are open to a bi-partisan discussion about a possible name change. 2. Let us not be shanghaied into a rash move for being labeled.”. Fort Bragg in Mendocino County was incorporated in 1889 and named after Confederate Army General Braxton Bragg, who previously served in the U.S. Army during the Mexican-American War. Others suggested changing it to honor the Native American people who lived in the area long before the fort and city were established. It is named for native North Carolinian Confederate General Braxton … L.A. is planning new coronavirus restrictions again. Inmate’s family sues San Diego County over his death, alleges it was COVID. Some, whose families have lived in the city for decades, said the name, to them, represented home, not a long-dead Confederate general, and that they did not want to see it changed. Updated: 2020-06-09 17:23:20, Posted June 9, 2020 3:11 p.m. EDTUpdated June 9, 2020 5:23 p.m. EDT, By Gilbert Baez, WRAL Fayetteville reporter; Heather Leah, multiplatform producer. Fort Bragg serves a vital role in the war on terror, deploying and supporting more troops than any other post, in support of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the headquarters of the Special Forces, bears the name of Gen. Braxton Bragg, a commander often assailed as one of … However, it's worth noting that Gen. Bragg was a born-and-raised North Carolinian, and many of these bases preferred to honor local soldiers who served their state. Gen. Bragg is credited by historians with having won one of the most significant Confederate victories at the Battle of Chickamauga--but despite his advantage, he"declined to capitalize on his victory and instead allowed the Union Army to retreat to Chattanooga," according to a historical summary of his military service. All rights reserved. In 2015, after white supremacist Dylann Roof shot and killed nine Black worshipers at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, S.C., the California Legislative Black Caucus asked city leaders to consider a name change. The city’s name, she said, ideally could be used to teach people about the ugly history behind it. The city already has cut staff. While the discussion of Fort Bragg's namesake has come up in the past, the protests and momentum spurred from the death of George Floyd has brought the discussion to the forefront again--and now, Fort Bragg officials said, they are willing to talk about the possibility of changing the base's name.