Do you mean plantains? Can't wait to try. Those we have in the stores. Start by frying the cumin seeds for about 2 minutes. Break it up into flaky chunks, give it a good stir and allow to come back up to a gentle simmer… cook for another couple minutes. Next add the green onion, pepper, tomato and black pepper. In a large saucepan put the olive oil to heat on a medium heat, then add the onion, garlic and thyme. Keep up the great work Chris really look forward to your recipes!!!!! Let them cook on the medium/low heat for about 3-5 minutes. Now on to review the Ham Bone soup! Add the onion and garlic and saute for 10 minutes until lightly golden and set aside. So yummy and eat with sada roti. I will definitely be trying this as I bought three green bananas by accident and don’t want to keep them too long. Since I’m hypertensive I would prob have to pan sear fresh salmon and boil some trini dumplings with the fig. hold on to your pride but don’t be making wholesale remarks like that. I might do it for my sunday meal. Thanks you for all your recipe in 2015. Great recipe. Did it with salted fish, left out the ketchup. 1/2 teaspoon salt (for boiling the green bananas), 1 medium tomato i will write back with how it went! OMG!!!! My hubby is from Dominica & does not of the cooking, but I want to surprise him. The Ultimate Masala Shrimp (curry shrimp). Green plantain is unripe plantain. Yummy, all the same. I hope your life and cooking are always filled up with love. You can yield the same results using green plantain, Green banana is also known as green fig by some islands, Green banana are sold in ethnic markets - Caribbean/Asian/Latino. Now my mouth is just watering reading this recipe. Please check your email to get started. Luv my dumplings, For the vegetarians, Tofu is also an excellent replacement for the fish. 1 medium onion Had no ketchup so used about a tsp or two of tomato paste. We’re trying to get the onion translucent and release the rich flavors of the garlic and thyme. There is Guyanese Store on Victoria Park North of Eglinton Ave E called Charloo’s. Can't wait too try it. And a Happy New Year! My mother in law gifted me with some green bananas and I can’t wait to cook them. Google isn’t providing any satisfactory answers for me. I’m definitely going to attempt to make!!!! With the bananas fully cooked, drain and allow to cool while we get things really started. Ive recently stopped eating meat so, this sounds like a quick nutritious breakfast/lunch/dinner.. Required fields are marked *. Oh my lawd!! If you cannot obtain shado beni use cilantro instead. Welcome to Sizzle.. 1 scallion (green onion / spring onion) this is a Jamaican dish! So, green figs would be green plantains. Cook for 15 minutes. Green fig is unripe ang immature green banana. Use salt pork, cut in 1/2 inch strips and fried crisp! Just finished eating it. At least I bought plantains to cook when living in the US, and I'm from the Caribbean too. Green bananas have a more delicate taste and texture than plantains. Had no chili peppers so used chili powder and a bit of bottled picant sauce. what can i substitute for pink salmon? Make two cuts along the length of the banana, on opposite sides. Here we give you our favorite recipe … Thanks for recognizing some of the world's best unnoticed foods…. As you say, hunger and craving is the best motivation in the kitchen! Use a fork to prick the banana, it should be soft and tender when determining its readiness. Aks for green fig, green banana or cooking banana. I love this dish. Yummy! Look delicious and easy enuff for even me to make . LOVE, Love, love your recipie. this looks so delicious, but I want to try it with salted fish,your recipes are always so interesting, but can you post a recipe for a ' plain sponge' cake please Should this be 3-5 min or 35 min? I cooked for a little more than 20 minutes and they were still quite hard when peeled. Looks delicious!!!! My Dad said I had a good hand, cannot believe. Could this be used with tinned mackerel? 1 tablespoon ketchup No, green figs are just unripened bananas. (I did add a couple of teaspoons of water toward the end to make sure the dish didn´t dry out.) Husband loved it too! I am tired with rice. Thanks again Chris. Great recipe !!! 1 clove garlic God bless. Heading to SVG for Xmas and was looking for food my US kid and UK husband might eat. Thanks for the great recipe. Will be trying again if I happen across some green bananas. You can also cook the green fig/bananas curry with salt fish Lol, first time doing a meal like this. Even though Wiki says they are the same! But I bought som nice salt fish last time I went to the UK, so maybe I'll do with some plantains instead of the figs and try this dish out anyway. Great! Trying to change my eating habits; this is a first in the process. Please post a link to information on cooking bananas if this is a distinct species of banana separate from regular bananas and plaintains. There’s no better motivation in the kitchen than a craving and hunger! But he used fresh caught mackerel in his dish. If you cannot source cooking bananas, green bananas will work. In a deep pot put enough water to cover the bananas and bring to a boil. Irish Potato Bread (Caribbean style)(Gluten Free), Mango Pineapple Hot Sauce (Vinegar Free option), Air fryer chicken nuggets {Keto, GF, Paleo}, Ways to stay healthy over the Christmas period, Mix in half of the cooked up onions along with the thyme/shado beni and pink salt to taste. Use the remaining onions to top the mash when serving. However they may be a different variety banana than what you'd get ripe in the grocery stores in North America. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0ebfce95612840834bea4a2239d38c4" );document.getElementById("fa8625990b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The don't differ botanically but they have two different tastes, size and texture. The taste, look and feel very very different…. It’s always appreciated. thank you I will be trying this. The advantage of purchasing green banana from the Caribbean store is they sell green bananas for cooking purposes so the price is usually 50 percent less than the green banana … Love.Bye. So glad I found you. The baby ones oh so sweet. If you’re peeling these as I did before boiling, do wear gloves or coat your hands with cooking oil to prevent the sort of ‘milk’ to cause your hands to be sticky and possibly itch. Chris, green fig salad is one of my favorite dishes in the whole wide world!!! This recipe is a combination of many things. 5-7 green bananas (known as green fig or cooking bananas in the Caribbean) 1/2 teaspoon salt (for boiling the green bananas) 1 medium tomato 1 medium onion 1 scallion (green onion / spring onion) 1 clove garlic 1/4 habanero pepper (scotch bonnet or any hot pepper you like) 1 tablespoon ketchup 1/8 teaspoon black pepper which makes it a favorite accompaniment to meats and fish. Add the bananas to the boiling water. I used anchovy in place of salmon, and it came out pretty well. Make sure the green banana is completely unripened, a strong green hue with no signs of yellow colour. 1/4 habanero pepper (scotch bonnet or any hot pepper you like) That Girl Cooks Healthy, Green Banana Mash (Green Fig)(Vegan, Paleo + Gluten Free), **Don’t forget to comment below and star rate if you have tried my recipes.