Use + and - keys to zoom in and out, arrow keys move the zoomed portion of the image. Because both are... Another good Matrix product. It works amazing when I can't get into the salon!! Matrix Total Results So Silver Triple Power Toning Mask 6.8 oz.. That helped get it more silver as well! I forgot if I had used So Silver or Brass Off before so I guessed and went with So Silver and i was oh so wrong. it reminds me of the insides of a pumpkin. Overall great for its silver... You can do all the things the experts tell you to do - like carefully... Frame your face with your best brows ever! You'll be relaxing away as the smell takes you on a journey back to the airplanes bathroom. Aqua / Water / Eau, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Coco-Betaine, Glycol Distearate, Dimethicone, Cocamide Mipa, Sodium Benzoate, Hexylene Glycol, Parfum / Fragrance, Salicylic Acid, Carbomer, CI 60730 / Ext. ... Now more than ever it’s important to take a moment for ourselves. I believe it has been stripping the toner straight out! When you wash your hair, use a color-free and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent the color from fading. Did lighten up my hair as it said. Just state that "yes, this product contains sulfates" -- outrageous, because you may be destroying the color treatments that people pay a lot for and spend a lot of time on! I also read reviews of this product, and other people who tried it also mentioned that it was recommended. It takes a bit of work to get a good lather and it does leave my... Love how it makes my hair ashy but after using it I began breaking out around my hair line, neck and scalp. I used the product and followed directions provided. Matrix Miracle Extender Dry Shampoo 3.4 Oz. I've been bleaching my hair for months and buying a cheap purple shampoo. I immediately noticed results! Matrix So Silver Color Depositing Purple Shampoo For Blonde And Silver Hair I use to use Kendra purple shampoo but girl at Ulta few weeks ago talked me in to going with MAYRIX! So silver definitely cuts through the brassiness in my hair and leaves me with a nice clean blonde. I use this product every day. Other brands will do the same thing, if not work better and smell a lot better. Violet 2, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid. Even with other products in my hair, I could still smell it. Discover your next HG foundation on this list of our users absolute... More reviews, photos and discussions for Matrix. It wasn't until I stop using it my skin went back to normal. The before and after picture doesn't even do it justice! it does brighten my highlights though. It was a great move to make. The one that started the purple-neutralization trend! With this one, I suspect that the conditioner option would have been more effective for my colour as obviously you don’t tend to shampoo right to the ends of your hair, but for someone who is blonde right up to the roots, or someone with platinum or ashy blonde right through, I think this would be great. Recently with the move, I had it packed away for roughly 2 weeks. I continued using it even after another fresh round of highlights. I do like this shampoo, however, I feel like there is prob a lot better ones... As a brunette I like this shampoo, but for the price I prefer Pro:voke Touch of Silver twice a week Brightening shampoo treatment - less than half the price of the Matrix shampoo. It's amazing it doesn't stain my hair and it got rid of all the yellow and ugly tones. Ahead, 10 silver shampoos you need in your shower right this ... Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo. Not only did this shampoo dry out my hair but it also left it a tangled mess when I went to brush it out. Total Results So Silver Shampoo for Blonde and Silver Hair. My hair isn't silver but is a pale blonde with dark roots. Amazing shampoo! It gets my hair the silver color that I want! I needed to do a conditioning mask. In other words the smell isn't pleasant and reminds me of the deodorizers found in airplanes bathrooms! I like this shampoo very much. I tried and tried to find something new. Seriously. I repeat, AMAZING! ... the difference before and after is spectacular. My ends are fine just my scalp feels greasy. I don't really like it. So, I started poking around and stumbled on Matrix’s Total Results So Silver Shampoo. It smells great too. I did notice that it dried out my hair, and my highlights lost their luster quickly (why didn't I just stop then?!). Mouse over image for a closer look. So much better. I washed, rinsed, then lathered it in again and left it in for about 10 minutes then left the pacifica conditioner in for about 3.