Take aviation snips for example; there are traditional aviation snips and offset aviation snips, but they have distinct differences. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Swenson Shear Model 48 HD Pivot Shear $ 975.00 - $ 975.00; Replacement Blades for Swenson Shear Model 48 HD Pivot Shear $ 325.00 - $ 325.00; Freund Hand Notcher 00371000 No 35 $ 103.00; Swenson Shear Model 64 Hip & Valley Roofing Shear. The Time to Delivery Chart on this page can be used to determine the approximate lead time for your new Swenson Shear to arrive from date of order. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. 48. Dismiss, Use to start, finish or seam the entire roof, For profiles that measure 1/2' across the top. Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear. The product measures 3 x 11.6 x 9 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. Capable of 18 gauge capacity in galvanized sheet metal. It works very well on aluminum, stainless steel, and heavy gauge duct. Malco J-Channel Cutters for vinyl siding are available in three standard sizes: 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". Not finding what you're looking for? The SnapTable PRO features a panel cutting tool for consistent, clean cuts, as well as a user-friendly hemming tool and a notching tool. Price. + Shipping to: 98837. Tin snips — These are effectively hand shears for cutting metal roofing. Its innovative design ensures complete and consistent accuracy when notching and cutting panels. Price. It is the best, most user-friendly metal roof … Here at Metal Roofing Onlinewe supply exclusively from the one name you can trust: Australian BlueScope Steel. Eliminates burred edges and flying metal. RAU HSG Hand Slitter for Sheet Metal 91240000 $ 648.00; Replacement Blades for Swenson Shear Model 42 $ 325.00 - $ 325.00; Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter $ 745.00; Rau 134 AKW Clipping Shears For Eave Finishing 91190000 $ 3,159.00 Over $85.00 - apply Price filter. Swenson Shears’ heavy duty metal shears provide roofers with high-quality, burr-free cuts for exposed fastener metal roofing panels. 23 results for metal roofing shears. Without a doubt, the thing that keeps me coming back to Swenson, is how strong and reliable the tools are.”, “I highly recommend the SnapTable on every job! All of our heavy duty metal cutting shears come with a custom blade set that accommodate a specific profile and pitch. Paired together, our Base and Ridge Bending tool and Stone Coat Cutter allow roofers build better stone coat roofs for their valued customers! Metal Roof Panel Shears. Swenson Shear’s SnapTable PRO is a towable, all-in-one standing seam panel preparation system that speeds up the process of cutting, notching, and hemming metal panels for standing seam metal roofing systems. As … This Andy Malco tool looks like long scissors. Swenson Shear manufactures each machine to order to ensure the perfect blade and cut for every purchase. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. Best Nibbler for Corrugated Metal: Makita JN1601 5 Amp 16 Gauge Nibbler. $60.00 to $85.00 - apply Price filter. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. “Our team at Long Creek Steel LLC wants to thank Swenson Shear for not only the quality products you provide to us, but affordable pricing and unbeatable quick service!”, “We have used Swenson Shear’s tools for the last sixteen years. You can cut straight or use it to make turns by simply pivoting the tool as you cut. Comes in handy when cutting long metal stuff. The following how-to video describes the process of setting metal roof panel widths on the SnapTable PRO. 23 results for metal roofing shears. Swenson Shears’ heavy duty metal shears provide roofers with high-quality, burr-free cuts for exposed fastener metal roofing panels. Ideal for professional roofers and metal workers who want quality work. At first members of our team resisted the SnapTable preferring to snip by hand, but now, they take to each and every job site.”, As metal standing seam roofs continue to grow in popularity, metal roofing has become the fastest-growing sector in the roofing industry. We manufacture innovative metal roofing tools to improve roofing contractor profitability when installing metal roofs. #1 International Provider of Metal Roof Cutting Tools, Please let us know if you have a question. Easy cross cuts in corrugated metal roofing and trapezoidal box profiles. Fits a corded or cordless drill you already own. And to achieve professional results,the right tools make all the difference when repairing, installing or replacing your roof. I take the SnapTable to every job site. In fact, I built a custom trailer and cover for our SnapTable.”, “The biggest benefit of the SnapTable is the quality of exposed valley cuts and the amount of time it saves. 4257 E. Keyes Road Over $85.00 - apply Price filter. With a longer design, this roofing cutting tool is made to makes straight cuts, and mild curved cuts. Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear. If your order requires expedited service, please call us to discuss. When roofers use our Heavy Duty Pivot Shear, they can count on a clean cut on their metal roof panel every time. It cuts effortlessly through corrugated metal, doesn’t jam and can easily cut straight lines and curves. It is the best, most user-friendly metal roof cutting tool on the market. Another useful sheet metal tools are the 12-inch Andies. Swenson Shear’s engineering behind the hemmer is genius. $60.00 to $85.00 - apply Price filter. Meanwhile, our Hip and Valley Roofing Shear is the optimal metal roofing tool for cutting hips and valleys on your metal roof panels. Choosing the best metal roofing tools can make all the difference, Creating accurate, precise hems on a standing seam metal roof panel can be challenging and time consuming using traditional methods and tools. Makes cutting exposed fastener panel extremely easy. $48.08 $ 48. Save 5% Now - Text RAPID to 50601 to sign-up for text alerts - Terms. Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. DEWALT Metal Shears Attachment, Impact Ready (DWASHRIR) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,220. Ideal for shearing heavy gauge exposed-fastener panels, with the ability to shear straight at 90 degrees and up to a 9/12 valley. I have never seen anything like it. $101.48 $ 101. consistent notches and hems on straight runs for metal sheet roofing panels in mere seconds — making it perfect for any commercial standing seam job that does not require angle cuts. Elongated, compact blades allow drill to be held at steep offset so handle/battery pack clears panel. 48. The Hip and Valley Roofing Shear is the optimal metal roofing tool for cutting hips and valleys on your metal roof panels. © 2020 Swenson Shear Inc. All Rights Reserved. Shears are a cheap tool that can quickly cut sheets of corrugated metal in … $48.08 $ 48. Shop All Roofing Products. Not finding what you're looking for? FREE Shipping by Amazon. Under $60.00 - apply Price filter. Save this search. DEWALT Metal Shears Attachment, Impact Ready (DWASHRIR) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,220. Cut metal roofing with electric shears Electric metal shears, come in two varieties, a standard plug-in in power-tool, or better an attachment for your impact driver, this is best done with malco tools. Long lasting blades are also easily replaceable. Save metal roofing shears to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. used sheet metal shears machines new and used ironman gutter machines onsite gutter machine metal roofing standing seam machines gutter roll form machines They come in various sizes and calibers, and can be used to cut tin, aluminum, steel and vinyl siding, as well. Rotate. Telescoping clamp fits large or small drill housing. Elongated blades with compact jaws create a steep 75° offset so that the drill is held at a nearly vertical approach when starting a cut. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. 08 $88.24 $88.24. Say goodbye to hand seamer tools, snips, seaming pliers, manual folding tools, hand notchers, and other standing seam hand tools. 08 $88.24 $88.24. Watch the how-to videos below to see, The SnapTable PRO is fully adjustable to accommodate metal roof panel widths between 12 and 24 inches. The Swenson Shear Stone Coat Cutter is designed for use on a multitude of metal roof applications from stone coated metal shake and shingles, to 14 gauge stainless flat sheets. Loosen the T-bolt underneath the table tops. There are a variety of snip styles you can use to cut sheet metal, but they are not all created equal. TurboShear® – Heavy Duty, Sheet Metal Cutting Attachment Malco’s popular sheet metal tool quickly attaches to the chuck of a minimum 12-volt cordless or an A/C electric drill. $101.48 $ 101. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Rapid Materials offers competitive prices on Swenson Shear products, quality replacement blades and great service. Thankfully, the eave and valley hemmer on the SnapTable PRO makes it easy to hem the eaves and valley cuts on your panel with remarkable precision. Since 1959, Swenson Shear has been manufacturing quality metal panel shearing equipment in Ceres, California. Save this search. As such, it is also a very competitive space, and roofers are constantly looking for ways to speed up workflow without compromising quality.