In the thick of battle, this could mean the difference between life and death. Its attack power may be low, but being able to keep distance from your target is a huge perk. Monster Hunter World introduces a living, breathing ecosystem in which players take on the role of a hunter that seeks and slays ferocious beasts in heart-pounding battles that unfold across the vast ever-changing terrain. They’ve been retooled to control a bit more like your average third-person shooters, plus, gunners can now wear the same armor as melee-weapon users. If you feel other weapons are worthy or being considered in our guide, leave a comment below! They have good enough stats to get you through up to 3-star quests. One of the first things you’ll notice stepping into the New World is that each of the game’s 14 weapons are available for immediate use. , it’s very easy to get turned off by picking the wrong weapon. Unfortunately, unlike the Bow, the Bowgun must be supplied with consumable Normal Ammo to be used. We'll help you figure out the best weapons for newcomers. Initial Attack Power: Light Bowgun: 130 / Heavy Bowgun: 150. You’ll have to craft or purchase every ammo type besides the basic, and remember to restock your ammo inventory. Hunters that enjoy button mashing will find the Hammer to be more of a chore, though it does have a nice string of combos to learn in the Training Room. Though the game lets you test each weapon in a Training Room, it doesn’t quite match what it’s like using them against a living, breathing foe. Suzaku. Tell us what your first Monster Hunter weapon was in the comments! Monster Hunter World kindly notifies player of critical distance by the extra set of crosshairs that appear when shooting, but ammo type purposes are a little more nebulous. Defender Weapons are newly added weapons meant for Monster Hunter World beginners. + things i should know if im new Will get this game today and im looking for tips < > Showing 1-15 of 16 comments . Hunters that enjoy the mobility of the Bow but want a little more power behind each shot will want to try the Light Bowgun. Until then, good luck, have fun, and happy hunting! Plus, it’s the only weapon that lets you use items while you have it drawn. Its one downside is its short range, which can make it difficult to hit taller monsters where you want to, but this can be mitigated somewhat by well-timed jumping slashes. so choose the weapon you think you'll like the most then learn how to use it pretty soon you'll be a master too There’s also the best distance and angle to shoot from for each ammo type, which you’ll need to learn if you want to take down any monster efficiently. Time attacks accordingly with your team to avoid being a burden on everyone else. Every Large Monster in Monster Hunter World32 IMAGES. alum knows, Capcom’s creature-slaying romp is robust with choices. Monster Hunter: World > General Discussions > Topic Details yeetus deletus Oct 1, 2019 @ 4:33am Best ranged weapon for beginner? Making the Hammer more difficult in multiplayer is that it will knock back fellow hunters. The Insect Glaive rewards players who like to have high-mobility, and if you've got this … If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. These weapons are easy to craft and use, and do not comprimise damage or firepower, they each deal decent attack damage which is an important factor when choosing a weapon. By Leon Hurley 21 January 2020. Take some time in the Training room to familiarize yourself with its range of combos for maximum effectiveness in the field. A devastating charge attack can deal a lot of damage, but monsters can interrupt charges. Unlike the Bow, however, its effects can be quite explosive and can lower mobility. Coatings are the Bows greatest asset, imbuing arrows with Elemental damage and Status Effects like Paralysis and Poison.