adj not satisfied or fulfilled: an unsatisfied demand for fresh fruit. After two weeks, those trainees turned over close to 550 per day and others turned 700 a day. I wasn’t able to contribute fully because my mind wanders somewhere else. I still write because I believe this is my opportunity to reach out and inspire others. It can be really painful especially when you work hard for it. If you continue working and sharing value to others, life will notice your value too. By making people know you screw up at times, you allow them to fill that empty space in your life. People are kinder and more empathetic than we give them credit for. Many people aspire to have the best in life. That is a very reasonable dream. They worked based on the limitations of their capacities instead of other’s belief about their possible performance. That is why most people feel the lack of satisfaction in life. Like when you order a meal that looks very appetizing but lacks the flavor you expect it to have. But while helping her, I wasn’t in the zone. If you are unsatisfied, you aren’t annoyed, but you weren’t completely satisfied. You cannot simply grab the opportunity of being a basketball trainee if your big dream is to be in the NFL. He told one group of trainees that he expected a well-trained operator can type around 550 punch cards in a day. You feel devastated. * Milton ; Death shall with us two / Be forced to satisfy his ravenous maw. It may require you to accomplish small opportunities leading to it. Find more ways to say not satisfied, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. And that’s a very human thing to do. It provides opportunities for everyone, but the people who benefit are those who have a crystal clear clue of what they are truly seeking for. Walls exposed herself in the entire world, stripping every painful and embarrassing experience she had. The good thing is you can bring it home and put your unique twist on it so you can enjoy the dish. It is not easy. No one delights getting hit on the Achilles heel. I sometimes feel it a waste of time when not so many appreciate it. It did with so many people in history. Many people like to set expectations on us. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange This is the place where I found some good answers by Erik Kowal and "John Y" who writes: <