There are many ways to have Dwarf Fruit Trees suitable for turning your small backyard into a thriving orchard. PlantNet launches a new range of healthy fruit trees. (Photo by lordphantom74 [license]), Landscaping for hedges and barriers and creating a creating and lush look. A large range of dwarf fruit trees which are perfect for pots, tubs and growing in confined spaces. Sunshine Blue has it all. One of the most popular ways to buy deciduous varieties is as bare rooted stock online in the cooler months when dormant. Fruit is similar to a grape with a sweet and aromatic flavour. We also offer some of the more popular ornamentals and dwarf varieties each winter through our online shop (sold as bare root fruit trees). Dwarf Black Mulberries or White or Red mulberry Trees. Autumn colours are a deep golden. A PlantNet exclusive. A finer leaf Photinia with ruby red new leaves and glossy dark green mature foliage. Start by selecting a category such as Subtropical Fruits in the left menu. Extremely versatile and hardy plants that will grow almost anywhere. We also provide up-to-date growing information so you can get the best out of your plants. Oriented to Australia, universally applicable in the subtropics. Shipping information | Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer | Privacy statement All content is copyright PlantNet® © 2020. Most varieties of fruit trees will start as a small whip, which is only one main trunk. Fruit trees organised alphabetically from A-Z. Bears heavy crops of quality fruit that can be eaten fresh from the tree. We provide a high quality range of ornamental, full size fruit trees and dwarf fruit trees, blueberry plants and pest control products. Seedling selection worth growing in cooler marginal areas. Notes by Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery on planning a home fruit garden in subtropical areas. The secret with keeping trees healthy and productive in containers is to re-pot and prune (roots and tops) at least every two years. Main flowering time in Spring and Autumn, with flushes of flowers occasionally throughout the rest of the year. This semi-dwarf, versatile semi-deciduous blueberry features showy hot pink flowers that fade to white in spring, yielding large crops of delicious berries. Fruit Trees have been our fruitful joy since 1980 when we first started selling them at our local markets. Deciduous and frost hardy but take care to protect it from late frost which can damage the spring flowers. Information on each variety including pollination partners can be found under each product in the online shop. Growing your own Fruit Trees to make your own backyard Edible is a common passion of many Australians and Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery has made it our passion to make this a reality for you. By following our guidelines here and only growing the recommended plants for your climate and region, you will be able to taste freshly picked fruit from traditional varieties. We have a large range of dwarf fruit trees(small trees with big fruit). PlantNet’s most popular fruit trees and new releases. A bigger harvest can be achieved by mixing with other rabbiteyes such as the tifblue or others will suit. The jaboticabas habit of producing the fruit directly on the trunk makes this a striking tree. Tiny enough to grow in small backyards but the fruit size is still large. A fast growing, densely branched and bushy columnar selection. As a culinary spice, there is virtually no such thing as an overdose and the spices are suitable for enhancing the flavour of a multitude of dishes. A must for every fruit tree enthusiast. An large range of dwarf fruit trees which are perfect for pots, tubs and growing in confined spaces. Larger fruit than small leaf selection, but skin a little tougher. Asparagus prefers sandy soils but with the right preparation will perform very well in heavier clays. More Information: California Rare Fruit Growers Association. For retail nurseries wishing to place orders see the PlantNet nurseries on the about us page. Sweet Temptation Fig™ - Available from our online shop in 2021. They are small trees – with big fruit! You can get a better crop with correct pollination. Make your meals taste absolutely fantastic with the addition of home grown spices. Grows well in pots and has thick enough foliage to be used as a hedge in summer but lets the light through in winter. Since then we have successfully mail ordered Fruit Trees along with many other Plants. Rarely needs any pruning. Our objective is to provide delicious fruiting plants that can be reliably cultivated … Flame Trees, Federation Daisy Summit Red, Pink and White, A. Australian Fruit and Edible Plant Resource, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2019, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2018, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2017, Australia Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2016, Australia Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2015, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2006, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2007, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2008, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2009, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2010, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2011, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2012, Australian Rare Fruit Review Magazine 2013. The rare fruit magazines inspire and motivate you by giving practical tips for your orchard. Our fruit trees are shipped to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and most Australian states and towns. It is is a Southern Highbush with the low chilling requirement of 150 hours makes it suitable for the subtropics, but we find it is surprisingly cold-hardy and a wonderful addition to patios and gardens in cooler areas. Australia is a country where people want to make their own little RainForest or Nut Tree Plantation. Ideal for avenues, windbreaks and shade. Before contacting us by email or phone check-out our great Links/Facts and Questions page from the tab at the top of this page. We specialise in producing a range of dwarf fruit trees that are perfectly suited to growing in small spaces or in pots. Get 40% off 1 of 4 of these items listed. Feed the trees every 6 months with a slow release fertiliser, provide plenty of sunlight, and keep the tree moist. Here are some of the more popular and hardy spices that are ideal for a kitchen garden. An excellent deciduous farm tree, quick growing and can tolerate most soil types. Introducing the a-okay plum™- for a blast of antioxidants. This is a lovely shrub, hedge or light screening plant. A newly breed of marguerite daisy that set a superior standard of flowering performance. Easily grown on moist soils of eastern Australia. We are passionate about growing the best trees and love the Heritage Fruit Tree and Dwarf Fruit Tree varieties. Flowering to fruit maturity only takes about 1 month. Taste the difference! Delicious when eaten as a desert with cream and a touch of Rum or vanilla. Covering in spectacular purple flowers (white option too) a good sign that spring has arrived. Non suckering, arching almost weeping habit of growth. OUR NURSERY. Created for exceptional or different fruit tree varieties, this collection includes fig, citrus, columnar apple varieties and Monty’s Surprise apple! An important stabilizing plant for river banks and streams as well as a useful ornamental grass in native gardens. The Diggers Club has Australia's largest range of incredible edible plants for your backyard. Very fast growing slender tree with ferny foliage and bright yellow toothbrush flowers. It is an early, long and repeat flowering variety that will delight in any garden or patio setting. The new growth is a coppery colour along with their beautiful honey scented flowers makes it a very ornamental tree. PO Box 811, Kallangur, QLD 4503 It is one of the toughest blueberry varieties with a harvest later in the season. Order online and choose pickup 1 day before you visit us. Watch our experts as they introduce you to our favourite fruit trees and show you how to care for your plants. “NEW a-okay™ plum” available from selected retail stockists. Solutions and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers. Email is our best contact. Ornamental evergreen tree from Brazil grown for unusual sweet black fruit which cover the inside trunks. To grow dwarf trees successfully in containers all you need to do is supply a rich potting mix and re-pot regularly.