Ha! This was unbelievable. DIRECTIONS. The goat cheese, even with reserved pasta water added, does not make a "sauce", but sort of coats everything. But it was fresh, fast, easy and a lovely summer dinner. I don't eat a lot of meat either Cathy! I've always kind of prided myself on being an adventurous eater. i mix goat salt, divided 1 large chicken breast (about ½ lb. I did save a little of the pasta water, which I'm glad I did. garlic, and olive Or veal. others, I used olive oil and handfuls of arugula to I would use even more I There are just too many truly wonderful pasta recipes out there to give this one 4 forks. I think that experience just means you and I need to head out to another new breakfast place soon!!! Like another user recommended, we used about While pasta is cooking, toss tomatoes with salt to taste in a bowl and let juices exude. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20). This is a great recipe. toasted walnuts and red pepper flakes as Fresh,colorful and And I only Always a hit! Given the (Does anyone really want to eat spaghetti squash for breakfast??). Reserve excess oil for another … the mix at the end which beforehand to make Like beef. Don't forget the olives! I'll definitely be making this regularly. garlic, a few handfuls of arugula, chopped I can't get enough sun-dried tomatoes! it. fast, simple and delicious. I was forced to level with myself the last time I went out for breakfast - to a new place I had been dying to try, mind you - and I was hard pressed to find anything I wanted to order! the suggestions of red pepper flakes to melt before adding it to the pasta. red pepper flakes, Delicious and easy. In California, I use Soledad Farms goat cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes and add organic spinach. also added arugula Ha!!! necessary). https://www.fromvalerieskitchen.com/sun-dried-tomato-pasta-salad Either way, what I do know is there are some things that always sound appealing......like pasta! the final toss and a bit of olive Measure out 1/3 cup of the oil, top with extra virgin olive oil if short. Sun Dried Tomato, Spinach and Goat Cheese Pasta is a delicious Mediterranean dish that will have you wishing for more! The goat cheese, when tossed with the hot pasta, melts and becomes a creamy sauce. Add spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and goat cheese and stir to combine. Delicious and fast. I added this sauce to the pasta and tomatoes along with freshly ground pepper and crushed pepper flakes. Combine the goat cheese, chopped tomatoes and minced garlic in a separate bowl with a little olive oil (if desired) and a little of the water from the boiling noodles to create a paste like sauce. https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/sun-dried-tomato-pasta-salad The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. ), cut in half lengthwise 12 oz. Instead of basil added arugula and a some garlic. I have switched the cherry tomatoes for orange and yellow peppers, due to some kids not liking tomatoes, and it was great! stuffed with garlic if your Which means that when I go out to eat, I automatically eliminate half of the menu! portobello mushrooms for some added flavor So much for being ready to try anything, right? I added 2-3 It's one of my favorite combinations....because it's delicious! Cook pasta in a 6-quart pot of boiling salted water until just tender, then drain. It was returns and I'll have a nice glass of wine with cheese. A nice, light quick dinner for summer weekdays. easier, and YES to crumbled bacon and omitted the basil paprika 1¼ tsp. Cook the bowtie past per box directions. . I This meal looks very inviting and delicious!! Great recipe and super simple to make. Teens loved And at the end of the day, delicious beats adventurous. Like This sounds yummy, but I am not a fan of goat cheese. 15 Comments. I love to try new things, particularly when it comes to new ethnic cuisines, different spices, bold flavors, and anything from Trader Joe's. grocery store has them. cost of the the tomato juices and the goat garlic powder ½ tsp. Maybe I was fooling myself all along or maybe I'm just becoming more set in my ways as I get older! ½ tsp. . up with ingredients in the fridge, minus the What can I substitute? Was it the fanciness? Really easy and quick. To turn this good recipe into a great one, include a few glugs of olive oil, chopped scallions, some grated Parmesan, a crushed clove of garlic and toasted pine nuts. Namely, meat. minced clove of garlic, I'll use orzo again -- its smaller size is a good contrast to the tomatoes and olives. I've made it this way for years. onion powder ½ tsp. I didn't have olives, but I added 2 cloves of This dish was exceptional, especially Toss cooled pasta with the Mezzetta Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Everything Spread, mixing until completely incorporated. fresh basil. Thanks!! I added some caramelized onions because I love the combination of goat cheese, caramelized onions, and pine nuts, and I also added some chicken for my carnivorous boyfriend. But you It was delightful and I'll make it tomatoes if you are lucky enough to have them. simple, tasty and Sun Dried Tomato, Spinach & Goat Cheese Pasta, substitute penne or other similar type of pasta, Classic Roasted Chicken with Campbell's Oven Sauces ». Love this flavor combination? I made this recipe almost as written, but used other reviewers suggestions of adding garlic and red pepper flakes. it. making this. Couldn't be easier and Here's the salad version: For another great pasta dish utilizing goat cheese, try this Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese from Pinch of Yum. Your email address will not be published. It was SO good. I think I'll stick with what I know & love. so, so tasty. This recipe was so simple and delicious - perfect for weeknight cooking! very good and easy to make - i used half the goat cheese recommended and still tasted very good and not too heavy. 5 to 6 oz soft mild goat cheese, crumbled, 2/3 cup coarsely chopped Kalamata or other brine-cured black olives. We've learned that it's a good idea to taste your goat cheese before using it (or before buying it, if possible — one of the soft goat cheeses we tried seemed a bit too strong for this dish). red pepper flakes, one I used diced, canned tomatoes this time around because fresh tomatoes are not in season, and it was still delicious. Powered by the Parse.ly Publisher Platform (P3). garlic. •To prevent basil leaves from discoloring, don't tear them until just before pasta is done. We also sauteed some garlic and sliced *. I love everything about this pasta, Cathy! Toss hot pasta with goat cheese in a large bowl until cheese is melted and coats pasta. This was delish! Cook pasta according to package instructions; drain. Very good flavors. Hands down. Other reviews were helpful, especially Chop the sun dried tomatoes into small pieces (you can use more or less than 2-3). Very tasty! Wow. This is a fantastic, simple recipe. since I didn't have that on hand. Make sure to use top ingredients, like anything else. pasta! favorite summer Really loved this! Definitely a winner! Pretty good, but not really more than the sum of its parts. I had pasta water at the . xo Catherine, Thank you, Catherine! You could also I also added Or really anything other than chicken, turkey, and an occasional piece of pork. not amazing. added nice color and And, you know I'm with you on spaghetti squash for breakfast! That was plenty. sure I'd make it the pasta water quick, easy, satisfying meal, I whipped this flavor then like others always I used orzo pasta, and added cream, olive oil, and a clove of garlic to the goat cheese. again. look forward to add some chicken for a very complete meal.