Here’s hoping you can include and identify with the narrator and “own the song” in a performance……much like I feel Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny done so well. It’s not the fact of the sentence the narrator protests against, but its severity: That may be true, ##) / CAPO: 2nd Fret / G C G Sa If this is so, consciously or sub-consciously, then it is a remarkable journey for Dylan, for in Ballad for a Friend he is saying goodbye to a dear friend seriously injured in a car crash, (in the song the character actually dies) while in Percy’s Song he is pleading against the disproportionate sentence of man-slaughter for a man whose driving has killed four. Untold Dylan: “I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours”. "Oh My Darling, Clementine" is a popular American Western folk ballad that is most often attributed to performers like Percy Montrose and Barker Bradford. The content of the song is rather explicit, but looking at it in a greater context gives the song an entirely new meaning. But no one else ever seems to have mentioned it, so I guess it is just me. Now of course most of us don’t much of the time, but that is what the basic law of the road in the UK requires. It is the severity of the sentence and the fact it is “beyond repeal” which sends the narrator to dwell on the disproportionate cruelty and regret echoed in the ballad of “the wind and rain”? Percy’s song revolves around the life imprisonment, in the Drifter’s Escape there is the walking out of the courtroom following the lightening strike, and in Ballad of a Friend the death of the man hit by the truck. Learn with Thomas is the second out of four mini series of online videos made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Railway Series (Twitter post by SiFansite), the first being Thomas' Magical Birthday Wishes.The series revolves around Thomas and Percy as they learn how to solve a problem and prepare for certain events with creativity. Thompson called "Down By the River Liv'd a Maiden." Percy Jackson is one of the Seven Heroes to march to Athens to save the Gods.He always risks his life for the others and now he dies to protect Annabeth. Turn, turn to the rain In each of these presentations, Percy Faith has attempted not only to convey the surging power of the songs, but to conjure up the time and atmosphere that produced them. Tell me the trouble, Tell once to my ear, Turn, turn, turn again. Your email address will not be published. Guilt, blame, responsibility…. ‘Percy’s Song” appears on Side 2, track #3, of yesteryear’s vinyl bootleg album ‘Bob Dylan: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been(His Gothham Ingress). I think it’s Dylan’s genius to be able to defend two opposing positions. ... Woah almost like songs about sex can have double meanings and not everyone writes things with one-track minds. I am relieved to know Percy is not a real person….knowing full well that other cases of injustice occur regurlaly. The song itself comes from the English ballad of the 17th century “The Twa Sisters” in which a girl drowned by her sister – a song which quickly became transmuted into “The Wind and Rain” and many other versions – which is where Dylan’s phrase comes from. Percy and two of the Esquires (not to be confused with the later R&B group) wrote "When A Man Loves A Woman," but he gave the credit to the others. One interesting point about the music – at the end of each verse it doesn’t get back to the key chord, the tonic, around which the song is focussed, but ends on the dominant at the end of each verse, preparing us for another verse and another and another as the story continues. “What happened to him could have happened to anyone”. Through the night to the day Sayin’ one of your friends The index of all the Dylan songs reviewed. Sayin' one of your friends Is in trouble deep, Turn, turn to the rain And the wind. Oh what's the charge Of how this came to be, Turn, turn, turn again. The last song of the Musical. I think Dylan’s personal journey to this song is, for me (if for no one else) directly connected to Ballad for a Friend. The song soon became a hit for Percy. And I played my guitar One way or another though, Dylan is never a fan of the legal system. So honey let me sing you a song And listen to my words As they come out wrong, but don't Run away, run away, this time-Honey, Let me Sing You a Song (Matt Hires) Oh what's the charge Of how this came to be, Turn, turn, turn again. And the wind. The recordings of Percy’s Song comes from 1963. But it is not the question of how original this song is as a Dylan song that fascinates me, but the beauty of the rendition in the Carnegie Hall version. My view on driving is that anyone who completes a journey without having an accident should consider themselves lucky, and look to John Bradford’s words: “There but for the grace of God go I”. A blanket, enforced, 30km/h speed limit would reduce injuries but cripple personal freedom: it would also dramatically increase air pollution! Recording the song at a Muscle Shoals, Alabama studio, it was picked up by Atlantic Records, who made him a solo star. But ninety-nine years, Ask anyone who has performed a song on stage which has multiple repeated lines: it is much harder to pull off than a song with ever changing words. I never saw light, never saw light All I saw were faded mirrors And dim reflections but You shine, you shine so much brighter, oh. Tell me the trouble, Tell once to my ear, Turn, turn, turn again. Sayin' one of your friends Is in trouble deep, Turn, turn to the rain And the wind. I have lost friends in car accidents, but that is the price we pay for the great freedom of having cars available to us. Turn, turn, turn again “You can’t give Bob Dylan crisps” The story of Bob Dylan, before the show. But he was encourage to go on. that the driver has a “sentence to serve”. And he will never come back, or does he. As I say, it is all so simple, so low key, and that is what makes it work so well, for what is resting on the story is the life of a man – a man who is imprisoned for 99 years. Percy's Song as recorded by Arlo Guthrie (Composed by Bob Dylan) / (## NOTE: This is the Arlo Guthrie version, the chords differ slightly from other versions. My opinion. You don’t have to be ready to avoid a sheep suddenly walking into your lane on a motorway while you drive at 70mph, but in an urban area with a pavement and shops next to the road one has to drive with the awareness that a pedestrian might do something silly and step out into the road. He’s got a sentence to serve, And the Wind”. Your email address will not be published. Love the tunes in all of its itirations, but there’s not much sympathy or sorrow for the lives, loves, futures lost or the wave of grief rolling through a family, from parents, brothers, sisters grandparents and friends.