Love is the mighty glue that binds a couple as they build a life together. On the philosophical nature of love and lust and the personal ethics of sexual relationships. My philosophy on love … This tome provides a wide variety of readings on love and philosophy. Love enables people to follow their dreams against all odds. I believe love is what gives meaning and purpose to a life. Let’s turn to your first choice: an anthology of writing about love, specifically erotic love. “Calling love a philosophy is like calling the air we breathe a philosophy or the water we drink a philosophy or the ground we stand on a philosophy. Spring 2020. Love gives people that inner-strength to work through terrible disasters. Philosophy of Love and Sex Philosophy of Love and Sex. Love is the very foundation of human existence.” … It’s The Philosophy of (Erotic) Love by Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen Higgins, which includes lots of excerpts from ancient philosophers including Plato and Sappho, right up to contemporary philosophers such as Martha Nussbaum. Philosophy of Love: A Partial Summing-Up is a 2009, book by the American philosopher Irving Singer, in which the author summarizes and expands upon the themes of his earlier three-volume works The Nature of Love … The text includes more than forty contributions, most of them classic essays with regard to love. … The editors believe that love is a profound measure of human life, and a person's philosophy of love permeates his or her philosophy of life. PHIL 3342.001: Philosophy of Love and Sex.