Junior: Years 3-6 compete within the IPSHA Saturday Sports Competition and the NSNA Northern Suburbs Netball Association Compeition. Life at Redlands. With the swimming and long distance running out of the way, it was time to turn our focus to a day of throwing, jumping and sprinting. However, with the Covid-19 season we have found ourselves in, the majority of 2020 has really made the sporting platform a limited one. Respect for both team members and their opponents is paramount to the Redlands Sporting Code of Conduct. "Previous years has seen Sport playing a big part of the College yearly calendar, including the sport carnivals, interschool sport and most importantly the House competitions during break times. As a personal trainer, he likes to focus on … Vocational Education and Training Pathways. Weymouth and Portland Borough Council Mayor, Cllr Margaret Leicester unveiled the QEII Fields in Trust plaque at a special reception in July at Redlands Community Sports Hub. Students are graded into appropriate teams and fitness and skill training sessions are held twice a week. Some ideas of ways to stay active can be going for a walk to your local park or to a waterfront with a group of friends. If some people are feeling adventurous we live in the perfect area for a bush walk or hike in the many mountains and national parks on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, my favourite would be Springbrook National Park. As we believe each family should have the freedom to use their leisure time as they wish, we do not participate in … All specialise in their sport. The ISA provides students the opportunity to represent New South Wales and Australia through this and other pathways. Box 3080. Keep putting in the effort for Term 4 and take every opportunity there is possible and look forward to the things to come. Our 10 men's and 11 women's I felt the anticipation build in the most recent tournament, the Senior Schools Cup Volleyball where we saw a large number of students putting in the effort for training and competing ensuring we came home with many wins. The extensive range of sports offered includes Rugby, Football, Futsal, AFL, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Rowing, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Waterpolo, Tennis, Squash, Sailing and Snowsports. College is a big step: take it any direction you want to go at Redlands! The ISA offers students representative opportunities to compete against major school associations in NSW. Although Covid-19 has disrupted the sporting community we need to continue to be making the most out of what we have to come. We encourage our students to involve themselves in competitions held outside school hours. By protecting 2012 outdoor spaces from development, it ensures local children and future generations have somewhere to relax and play; Redlands Community Sports Hub is now one of those spaces. We can aspire to these qualities of resourcefulness, courage, perseverance and enterprise. We offer a range of sporting opportunities to enable our students to find physical activities they enjoy and wish to pursue for life. The Matt Stanley match had another amazing outcome this year with more students than I have seen getting amongst the rivalry between year 11s and 12s. As we believe each family should have the freedom to use their leisure time as they wish, we do not participate in inter-school Saturday sporting competitions. Redlands College is forming partnerships with local sports clubs. Redlands is a vibrant indoor sports centre offering fitness classes and squash courts and outside an all weather 3G Astro pitch, adiZone fitness area, outdoor pitches for football and cricket matches or … The school also runs an annual snowsports competition in the Snowy Mountains called the Redlands Cup. Carnivals at Redlands College; Representative Level Sports; Representative Pathways; Home > Co-curricular activities > Sport > Interschool Sports Overview. The carnival, for the third year in a row, was held on the Redlands College senior oval. Redlands College, Queensland is a co-educational Christian school providing quality learning experiences for students in Prep to Year 12, situated in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Wellington Point. From offering high quality on-campus housing in our modern apartments to providing game-day excitement with our men's and women's teams, this is no College is a big step: take it any direction you want to go at Redlands! 1200 E. Colton Ave. P.O. Students participate in seasonal sport… Welcome to Redlands College Sport. Many of us have taken every opportunity to be involved in interschool sport and Access Sports which is only available to the Seniors at Redlands College. I am excited about having the opportunity of growing, developing and nurturing our sport program to reach new levels for our College and students. Sport plays an integral role in the development of Redlands students fostering a spirit of fairness and team building, along with the opportunity to develop individual potential and to strive for excellence. Choosing a college is a big decision. The Redlands College Sports app is an integral component of the Jaro ecosystem, a sports management platform designed to aid the interactions between sports bodies (state-bound or … The wide variety of sports available at Redlands enables students to develop new skills, confidence, courage, self-discipline and self-respect. A Redlands education provides a first class start to school. From IPSHA, students can go on to represent the school at the following interschool and state competitions: HICES–>CIS–> PSSA. The interaction and eagerness have been great to see. Participation is mandatory in representative sport for Years 5 through 12. Redlands, CA 92373 Tel: (909)748-8400 Fax: (909) 335-3080 Sport provides valuable lessons in working with peers towards a common goal, in co-operation, sustained commitment, in acceptance of disappointment and in leadership. Students compete in four Houses: The houses are named after the first Europeans to enter the Redlands District. Team coaches come from a variety of backgrounds including teachers, senior students, professionals and ex-students. - News - My Redlands portals - Support Redlands - Alumni - Contact us Being a part of the volleyball program at Redlands College is a great way for students to build a sense of belonging and create exceeding athletes both on and off the court. My goal as the Director of Sport and Activities is to build high self-esteem and resilience in all of our students. They were timber cutters and demonstrated true pioneering qualities as they entered an unknown district without the support of civilised infrastructure. Secondary: Redlands is a member of the ISA (Independent Sporting Association) enabling challenging competition for Years 7-12. Parents are encouraged to assist the MIC of each individual sport by supporting the Friends of Groups (FOGs). This provided the best atmosphere for house spirit, in a familiar location. Basketball, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Waterpolo, Basketball, Football, Sailing, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, AFL, Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Union, Snowsports, Tennis, Waterpolo, AFL, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Snowsports, Tennis. Sport is an integral component of the holistic development of students at Redlands College. ", For all you need to know about Sports@Redlands download the Sport Handbook, Tel: +61 7 3286 0222Fax: +61 7 3207 3799E-Mail: mail@redlands.qld.edu.au. The extensive range of sports offered includes Rugby, Football, Futsal, AFL, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Rowing, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming,  Waterpolo, Tennis, Squash, Sailing and Snowsports. Taking the next step in your athletic career is a big deal too. Games are played at various home and away venues. Redlands College is forming partnerships with local sports clubs.