Rejuvenate No Bucket Floor Cleaner neutralizes old wax and cleaner residue leaving behind a shine without streaks. Vinegar, water, and dawn. novembre 27 2017, 11:54 pm. In addition, Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner doesn’t leave a film or residue. Once you’ve covered your square footage, your floors will be clean and streak-free. The ZEP Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner so many devotees you might start to wonder if it’s possible to love a floor cleaner this much. Rejuvenate takes the worst, beat-up, scuffed-up floors and refinishes them with one easy mop-on application. 20 years of wear, 2 kids, and 2 cats. I stumbled on the rejuvenate no bucket floor cleaner and loved it. With its easy-to-clean action, you can observe the brilliance and shine being restored for your wooden surfaces. Rejuvenate is a breakthrough formula that adds a new layer of acrylic polymer to your floor’s surface for that showroom new shine. They look almost like when we first had them installed. Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer. Then, I still wanted the floor even nicer and saw reviews on this the Rejuvenate All floors restorer. This powerhouse is also recommended for frequent use in maintaining floors at peak cleanliness and luster. A big problem with Rejuvenate Floor Restorer is the film the product often leaves behind after applying it to the floors. Rejuvenate is a home improvement product designed to clean and restore your wood flooring back to its flawless original condition. Rejuvenate restores, shines and protects laminate, hardwood, vinyl, slate, tile and marble. It removes dirt and leaves behind a shiny non-sticky surface to make your floors look as good as new again. It makes what’s old look new again. By Chelsea C. Acme, PA. 291 reviews. Wipe or mop the surface, preferably with a microfiber towel or mop for the best results. This 128-ounce jug works well with either sponge or microfiber mops and cleans baseboards, cabinets and molding as effectively as it does floors. It is the only cleaner to use on Rejuvenated floors. Instead, Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner can be applied directly to the floor. Apart from its cleaning action, the Rejuvenate wood cleaner is known to protect and seal the surface to avoid any future damage. One application can last for months. As per the manufacturer, it is recommended that you use this wood cleaner in conjunction with the Rejuvenate … Wow!!