Sika Deer Hunts The Sika stag is one of New Zealand’s most premier trophies to obtain and we are privileged to have an outstanding free range private property to hunt on. Sika were liberated from Japan in 1905, into the nearby Kaimanawa Ranges and Rangitikei River region where Alpine Hunting is located. You can hunt around the original liberation point for this species in New Zealand with us, so it's perfectly reasonable for you to Whether Kaimanawa hunting or Kaweka, here, Sika deer are abundant on the exclusive private land we fly you to. Sika, Sambar and Rusa are only available on the North Island of New Zealand. At Kaweka Hunting there are exceptional herds in these three Red and Sika deer also abound in the forest parks of the region. This is New Zealand’s North Island backbone. Today New Zealand offers some of the best trophy Sika deer hunting in the world. The topography and vegetation in the central North Island have ensured that this area still remains the principle habitat for Sika in New Zealand, and we're proud to boast what we believe to be the largest herd in the South Pacific. Exceptional Sika Deer Hunting & Fly Fishing Access Our base at Poronui is in close flying proximity to many exceptional hunting and fishing areas. Hunting is primarily spot and stalk and method of take can be bow or rifle. These sika were liberated in the central north island in 1905 and have thrived in the Kawaka and Kaimanawa Ranges scrub and tussock habitat. Kaweka Hunting offers exceptional game ranch hunting in our natural deer habitat. Whatever your passion, our guests talk of the magic of hunting in New Zealand – the breathtaking locations, the genuine Kiwi warmth, and the camaraderie Within these areas, Helisika offers exclusive access to over 40 private hunting blocks. No less outstanding are the free range Sika herds that roam the outskirts of the estate and beyond.