Price released this as the B-side to his single "You Need Love," but most radio stations preferred the flip side. lang is a credited writer on the Rolling Stones song "Anybody Seen My Baby?" Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! Stagger Lee, eigentlich Lee Shelton (* 16. As a result, sales of "Stagger Lee" peaked at nearly 200,000 copies a day and the song was a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. "It was a real last-minute miracle," drummer Jim Sclavunos told NME. I like this version because it is one of the few in which Stagger Lee gets his come-uppins (although a fictional aspect to the story). Duke Ellington, The Grateful Dead, Woody Guthrie, The Ventures, Ike & Tina Turner, Ma Rainey and Jerry Lee Lewis. März 1912, auch Stagolee, Stackerlee, Stack OLee oder Stack-a-Lee) war ein schwarzer Kutscher und Zuhälter in St. Louis, der seinen Freund William Billy Lyons am Heiligen Abend 1895 tötete. On the other hand, Stagger can represent truth and justice, because sometimes in the oral history of Stagger Lee, Billy is a police officer. The Poem: Staggerlee wonders This was based on the traditional blues/folk song "Ballad of Stack-o-Lee," which was inspired by a real-life incident. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Stagger Lee, Where the Wild Roses Grow (feat. So did Beck, Mississippi John Hurt, the Black Keys and Elvis Presley. because it sounds so much like her hit "Constant Craving.". Baldwin presents this representation of truth and justice masterfully (Miller). Original lyrics of Stagger Lee song by Lloyd Price. Shelton wurde gefasst, des Mordes angeklagt und zu einer Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt. Was a Beatles song a TV theme? The historical Stagger Lee was Lee Shelton, a black pimp living in St. Louis, Missouri in the late 19th century. the law's fear of Stagger Lee and his remorseless defiance at the gallows) are also absent from Price's recording. So why has he always been broke? A version by Lloyd Price reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1959. For, Although he never released a version, Elvis Presley sang this during rehearsal in the 1970 concert documentary, More songs that were adapted from early blues songs, More songs that were hits for more than one artist, More hit songs originally recorded by other artists. The lyrics to "Stagger Lee" are almost identical to the lyrics in Archibald's record. Tom Jones did it. And who came up with those Fresh Prince and Sopranos songs? Comment and share your favourite lyrics. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs. The Song and Myth of Stagger Lee. The Clash's song 'Wrong em boyo' is a cover of the Jamaican band The Rulers, their song is 'Wrong Embryo'. "I came into the studio towards the very end of the sessions, and I showed Nick a book called The Life, which was a collection of black hustler prison poetry.I pointed out an old really nasty version of 'Stagger Lee', and he got quite excited. An interview with Frankie Valli, who talks about why his songs - both solo and with The Four Seasons - have endured, and reflects on his time as Rusty Millio on The Sopranos. Similarly, Joshua was absolutely ruthless in conquering Jericho, destroying every man, woman, child, and animal in the city (as recorded in Joshua chapter 6 verse 21). Variously called "Stag-O-Lee," "Stack-O-Lee," and other names, the song is about a scoundrel who killed Billy Lyons because he stole Stag's Stetson hat. Kylie Minogue) Lyrics. Texas-born Lee Shelton, nicknamed Stagger Lee, was a notorious pimp and gambler who made headlines when he shot and killed Billy Lyons on Christmas night in 1895. (Note 3) It is also interesting to note that, in the lyrics to "Stagger Lee", the line about the leaves tumbling down is immediately preceded by a line describing the moon as yellow, while, in "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho", the line about the walls tumbling down is immediately preceded by a line containing the word "Jericho". Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Lloyd Price lyrics. "Stagger Lee" as written by Conway Savage Blixa Bargeld. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. In 1963, the Isley Brothers recorded a version with a then-unknown Jimi Hendrix on guitar. The recording of the song for the Murder Ballads album was a happy accident. When Lyons confiscated Stagger's Stetson and refused to return it, Stagger fatally shot him in the abdomen. It’s super easy, we promise! Even before Soundgarden wrote a song about him, Artis was the most famous spoon player of all time. It went to "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. The first had Stagger Lee and Billy gambling (Stagger Lee shot Billy at the end), the second, rushed out by ABC-Paramount after hearing complaints from radio listeners, had Stagger Lee and Billy arguing over a girlfriend, who goes back to Stagger at the end. ""Stagger Lee," who pops on the Shakedown album is a fabled character who some suggest dates back to the Civil War. k.d. Lloyd Price heard this version while he was serving in Korea after being drafted into the US Army. Other versions that charted in the US: Wilson Pickett, 1967 (#22, as "Stag-O-Lee"), Tommy Roe, 1971 (#25). General CommentThere are various recordings and various spellings (stackolee, stagolee, stagger lee, stack a lee) of this song going back decades.With it's explicit lyrics, Nick Cave's version most closely resembles 'The Great Stack-a-Lee' by Snatch and The Poontangs (a band led by Johnny Otis), in 1969. The friends were drinking at a St. Louis saloon when they broke into an argument over politics that led to Stagger Lee crushing Lyons' hat. Brenda talks about the inspiration that drove her to write hit songs like "Get Here" and "Piano in the Dark," and why a lack of formal music training can be a songwriter's best asset. This was the first rock 'n' roll record to hit #1 despite being censored. "Stagger Lee", also known as "Stagolee" and other variants, is a popular American folk song about the murder of Billy Lyons by "Stag" Lee Shelton, in St. Louis, Missouri, at Christmas, 1895. The Mary J. Blige song "No More Drama" samples the theme to the appropriately dramatic soap opera The Young And The Restless. Lloyd Price recorded two versions of this song. Eminem sampled the song "Thank You" by the British singer Dido on his 2000 hit "Stan.". Switchfoot's frontman and main songwriter on what inspires the songs and how he got the freedom to say exactly what he means. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Stackolee was a bad man, everybody knows Spent a hundred dollars for just one suit of clothes He was a bad man, that mean old Stackolee Stackolee loaded cotton, weighed five hundred pounds The following year, they rewrote the folk song "Stagger Lee" into the vengeful tale of two gamblers. Therefore, the two key elements which are not present in Archibald's version (i.e. März 1865; 11. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is an English version of a Zulu hunting song from the 1930s. Several other artist have recorded this, including Pat Boone, James Brown, The Ventures (as a surf-rock instrumental), Ike & Tina Turner, The Righteous Brothers, The Youngbloods, Pacific Gas & Electric, Dr. John, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and Huey Lewis & the News, among others. New Orleans pianist Leon Gross, known as Archibald, recorded the first mainstream hit rendition, the two-part "Stack-A-Lee," in 1950 and reached #10 on the R&B chart. Billy Joel's "My Life" was used as the theme song to the 1980 TV show Bosom Buddies, which starred a young Tom Hanks as a guy who lives in a hotel for women by dressing up as a girl.