You can also use these to level up your fairy, but I personally don't think it's worth it for leveling when you can feed it greens you get from grinding. A guide to the new fairy companion in Black Desert Online. Takes 25 to get 100% success (from t3 to t4 if that matters) Takes 25 to get to 39.48 from 0 Around $66 overall Outcome if … In order to cook Sweet Honey Wine at a utensil you must first complete the fairy quest given to you by your Black Spirit. 1 Getting Started. Now try to exchange the fairy wing for sweet honey wine Astrous, Oct 4, 2018 #1. Kolka Staff Member … (You will fail cooking without completing the quest). 1.4.1 Alchemy Pathway; 1.4.2 Grinding/Fishing/Gathering Pathway; 1.5 Mysterious Companion; 2 … 1.1 Fairy Queen Theiah; 1.2 Sweet Honey, a Source of Power; 1.3 Into the Sweet Honey Jar; 1.4 Laila’s Scattered Petals. – You can use this to grow your Fairy; it gives more EXP than other materials that can be used to grow your Fairy. Contents. The Ornette Honey Wine, once you're T3 is at max level (30) will contribute 4% success rate towards upgrading into a T4. Basics/ BDO. I don't understand the system in this game, through trial and error, I managed to make Sweet Honey Wine maybe three once per level at Apprentice 4, 5, and 6, using 2x Top quality honey with 12x Exotic Herbal Wine (the green one), 10x sugar, and 2x grapes. – How to Obtain: > You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Beginner Lv.1 or up. Otherwise you'll be wasting your materials. 15 votes, 49 comments. It is tooth-achingly sweet. Một khi Fairy đạt cấp độ tối đa, nó có một cơ hội để nâng cấp lên tier cao hơn. The item should be able to be exchanged for sweet honey wine at Theiah the fairy queen Currently, there is no option to exchange such item Skills: Class: Maewha How to reproduce/proof: Exchange Laila's Petal to get a Sealed Fairy Wing, then open the Sealed Fairy Wing. Dulfy 85 Comments Apr 11, 2018. Cooking Honey x 3; Essence of Liqueur x 2; Sugar x 2 ; Water x 6; Of these four materials, you either need to buy the cooking honey and the essence of liqueur from the central marketplace or get them by yourself. The BDO Honey Wine Recipe. The other two ingredients can be purchased from a Tavern vendor which are found near or inside the taverns in all the major cities. – Description: Wine made from honey, a favorite of Fairies. You'll need a full pack of 25 to ensure 100% success. That equates to 25 Wine per hour, at Master 1 cooking I was unable to crit and make multiple Wines. The upgrading to T4, definitely worth (I P2W'd this as well). Cần Sweet Honney Wine hoặc Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine với một số lượng nhất định cho từng tier, số Wine càng cao cơ hội lên tier càng lớn, tối đa 100%. Black Desert Fairy Companion Guide.