GBP (£) Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. You will have to fork out a few beans if you fancy this chocolate as it is said to be the world's most expensive bar. Please inquire if you have any additional questions. Vintage 2015 To review availability for your shipping destination please visit the product page and change the shipping region under “Availability” right next to the product image. BRL (R$) On par with prestigious wines and spirits, To’ak elevates all chocolate to new heights. If there are any import duties we pay them. It’s hard to find a piece of Pierre Marcolini chocolate that isn’t perfect in every way. | Designed by To'ak While the high ticket value may be subject to budget and perspective, what’s objectively legit is To’ak’s exclusive access to HCP certified beans from Piedra de Plata. At To’ak, we’ve never been satisfied with simply making chocolate. & Built by, Privacy, Shipping, Terms of Use & Returns Policies, Tequila Cask Harvest 50-gram bar-To’ak Chocolates and pairing are available in Chicago (both Lush Wine & Spirits retail locations), Los Angeles (Wally’s Wine & Spirits), and in the San Francisco Bay Area (Beltramo’s Wine & Spirits in Menlo Park). Meanwhile, other To'ak bars go through an additional aging process, like being matured in Laphroaig Scotch whisky barrels for up to two years. To’ak Chocolate’s. This one is a favorite! A bar of the plush chocolate costs a grand sum of $260 (£169) and weighs 1.5 ounces or 42.5 grams. rainforest reserve, The world's rarest and most prized variety. Matured 3 Years, Palo Santo Wow, you totally described how I felt tasting the To’ak Chocolate Islay cask release for the first time, well done! Individual bars can be purchased on the To’ak website. AUD ($) Cacao-inspired wrapping paper and card available on product detail page. INR (₹) Vintage 2014 JPY (¥) Matured 3 Years, Andean Alder Each bar is accompanied by a mini tasting guide. Forget wine and cheese pairings, To'ak Chocolate's bar is best with Pappy Van Winkle. All prices are in USD Copyright © 2017 Tony Caputo's Food Market & Deli Salt Lake City, Utah. The most expensive chocolate in the world deserves your attention Photo: To'ak Chocolate via Facebook There's a time and a place for checkout-aisle candy, but when you want to get lost … The history of To’ak is a long one beginning as far back as the 20th century when a tree disease known as “Witch’s Broom” ravaged the Ecuadorian cacao landscape and decimated its numbers drastically. Quick View. With echos to wine world appellations, To’ak captures the essence of terroir in their “Harvest” single origin editions. Our mini bar selections offer a way to try the full range of To’ak editions in one elegant presentation. The To'ak chocolate is being produced in Ecuador and it's very rare. Quick View. This heirloom strain of Ecuadorian Nacional was once thought to be extinct. --- Englisch --- You'd better think twice about reading this article, if you're really into chocolate as it might cost you quite a bit, if you decide that you have to try the worlds most expensive chocolate. 3-7 business days to everywhere else. 2014 Harvest. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how and why To’ak is priced the way it is, and how this fits into the evolution of the chocolate industry at large. Our editions are very limited and many of them sell out quickly. CAD ($) Expect 2-3 business days to the USA. Vosges Haut Chocolat 7. Voice: +1 (862) 505-2811Text: +1 (805), *Free shipping to USA for orders of US $50 and worldwide for orders of US $100. From time to time we make products available on "Pre Order" status, offering you the chance to purchase the product in advance of its official launch date. This chocolate box costs no less than $300, but usually, Debauve & Gallais sell chocolate at $94 per pound. It is eaten using wooden tongs, or tasting utensils, so that it is easier to perceive the chocolate's aroma on the nose. That’s probably why the brand is able to charge $102 per pound these days. To’ak Art Series Guayasamin 77% $ 450.00. CHOCOLATE & ART Art is part of our DNA. Vintage 2015 In “Aged” editions, extractable aromas of Ecuadorian woods take center stage after several exalting years of barrel-aging. The same chocolate with minimal packaging. Out of Stock. Out of Stock. © 2020 To'ak For devout chocolate lovers, you may be willing to spend any amount to get the best-of-the-best, but how much would that be? Matured 3 Years, Islay Whisky Cask On par with prestigious wines and spirits, To’ak elevates all chocolate to new heights. If your order contains products that are in-stock and products that are on pre-order, unless you request otherwise, we will make a single shipment when the pre-order item/s are available. 10. Ultimately what we present to the world is a work of art, and dark chocolate is merely our medium of expression. Vintage 2015 To’ak Origin Tequila Cask Aged 3 years 73% $ 210.00. To’ak Origin Islay Whisky Cask Aged 3 years $ 210.00. Aging our dark chocolate in a tequila cask for 3 years delivered notes of sweet buttery caramel, slightly smokey wood, agave and honey. In case we have new batch already in production, or when we launch a new edition, we set the product on “Pre Order” status so you can reserve it in advance and it will be shipped as soon as it’s available. For those who have never tried: don’t bash something just because it doesn’t align with your view of what chocolate should cost or look like. To’ak Chocolate routinely charges over $300 for a single bar of chocolate, which is the most expensive chocolate in the world. To’ak Origin Islay Whisky Cask Aged 3 years, To’ak Origin Tequila Cask Aged 3 years 73%, To’ak Origin Bourbon Cask Aged 2 years 76%, To’ak Origin Andean Alder Aged 4 years 81%, To’ak Origin Kampot Pepper Aged 3 years 80.5%, To’ak Origin Palo Santo Aged 3 years 80.5%, To’ak Signature Sauternes Cask Aged 3 years 78%, To’ak Signature Islay Whisky Cask Aged 3 years 73%, To’ak Signature Tequila Cask Aged 3 years 73%, To’ak Signature PX Sherry Cask Aged 2 years 76%, To’ak Signature Andean Alder Aged 4 years 81%, To’ak Signature Kampot Pepper Aged 3 years 80.5%, To’ak Signature Palo Santo Aged 3 years 80.5%, To’ak Signature 2018 Galapagos Harvest 75%, To’ak Harvest & Aged Selection 18 Mini Bars, To’ak T.cacao Classic Drinking Chocolate 76%, To’ak T.cacao Tequila Cask Aged Drinking Chocolate 80%. Dann mal guten Appetit. Experience THE most expensive chocolate in the world. Quick View. Vintage 2015 The mission is radical: elevate the dark chocolate experience and push boundaries. and tasting in Ecuador, Musings on all things cacao and chocolate, The dream started in a Book a private tour If you have ever wondered how much the most expensive chocolates are, then keep reading to see what the 10 most expensive chocolates in the world would cost you.