You can then put a drip pan on bottom cooking grate with a dash of water in it to collect the drippings. This will season your grill and help you calibrate it, as well as help you get used to handling it. Being a metal unit, the exterior of your Weber Smokey Mountain will get very hot while you are cooking. This water pan acts as a heat sink when grilling or smoking. To start with, the smoker comes with its own jacket cover so you can smoke or grill in colder seasons. Do not flip the meat when smoking or roasting. 350 degrees for 4 to 6 hours, or at the 225 to 250 range for up to 12 The 18-inch cooker is best for backyard barbecues and cooking for an average-sized crowd. However, covering your pan with aluminum would lead to water being trapped between the pan and the foil, which might cause discoloration, but typically, this isn’t bothersome. Also, it doesn’t irritate your eyes or cause breathing difficulties. On the other hand, if you find yourself cooking lots of meat for larger crowds, you’ll need the 22-inch smoker. But it is necessary to have a pan in place to catch the There's another method that I use, and it is described below. If you want to convert your cooker to a griller, follow these steps. The lid has the vents and a thermometer to control the temperature of the smoker. Bumping or moving the cooker during use. The temperature won’t fluctuate much but keep adjusting the vents to increase or decrease the intensity of the heat. You can even add things like apple cider to the water in the pan to give your meat a distinct flavor. So why not get yourself a Smokey Mountain grill? Generally you can start with all three opened halfway. Diameter of the water pan is approx 18 9/16" Porcelain Coated. I loved the Weber cooker because it gives you exact control over the grilling temperature, making your meat smoke at the perfect temperature. You could simply leave the water pan empty, and then place a drip pan on the lower food rack to catch the drippings. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-inch Smoker has some features that can come in handy whether you’ve just started smoking meat or have been in the grilling business for the past decade. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the hype was very much justified. There is no temperature fluctuation, and the water pan helps the meat cook slowly and evenly. When smoking whole turkeys, it's preferable to keep the smoker temperature higher than you would when smoking beef brisket or fatty hunks of pork. I've read people using the brinkman water pan in theirs. the hot charcoal, or in between layers of hot coals. Keep the cooking grates clean and spotless. This is where the coal goes. Use a roast holder to keep the turkey out of the water. the food, not to mention forming a tough, nasty crust on the inside of Since the appliance is rather tall, it can handle smoking almost anything–chickens, turkeys, fish, and even ribs. From time to time, check your cooker for loose screws, and tighten them if needed. You can place a large and flat pan under the cooker to catch this liquid so that it doesn’t wreck your patio or backyard. coals to coat the turkey, and temperature spikes. However, the assemblage is simple and most people can figure it out from the different parts. It can also handle frequent use and heavy handling without breaking down. the water bowl. Generally you can start with all three opened halfway. Unlike a cast iron skillet, there’s no need to season your smoker. Add a lump or two of charcoal to the charcoal bowl and add some. The versatility is another popular feature. Wood The shiny black exterior makes it look pretty luxe; this smoker is totally eye-catching! However, it also stops the heat from escaping so you can keep track of the meat’s internal temperature without interfering in the smoking process. There are lots of other accessories that can make your grilling easier, like this shredder. Many people feel that cooking over indirect heat is essential to making good barbecue. After all, there’s no time like the present! When you place your food on the grate, place a stick of wood or 4-6 fist-sized chunks of wood over the charcoal close to the center. Best Grill Mats Reviews: Simplified Grilling. This water pan acts as a heat sink when grilling or smoking. Seasoning options include using an injectable marinade, marinating in a flavorful liquid, brining the turkey, or dusting with a good quality dry rub. But it takes temperature control to the next level by including a large water pan directly above the coals. We won’t rent or sell or spam your email. To make the most of the heat produced by the charcoal it's best to Weather conditions and the quality of the charcoal used are a couple of factors that might limit the uppermost range of acceptable smoking temperatures for smoking turkeys. Using gloves, wipe the exterior of the grill while it is still hot. The built-in lid thermometer helps you keep an eye on the temperature so you won’t have to keep checking in with a probe thermometer. Whether it’s a meat probe thermometer or a water pan cover, these products are all compatible with the smoker and will make the smoking process a breeze. The Weber Smoky Mountain is a tightly sealed smoker, with three adjustable vents on the bottom section. This 18-inch smoker is no stranger to their innovations and looks promising from the get-go. The metal legs are resistant to rust and are removable. I’ll be talking about its design, performance, setup, and things I liked about the smoker. You can totally convert your smoker into a grill without much trouble. The hot coals will get the unlit charcoal going, gradually burning downward. This Smokey Mountain grill was designed for efficiency, safety, and comfort. Those have been pre-basted with an enhancement, which adds flavor and extends the shelf life. Remove the ashes as soon as the smoker cools down. The cooker is on the pricier side, so it would be a shame to spend all that money on a damaged or secondhand smoker. And if you still can’t decide what to make, remember, you can never go wrong with A Smoky Mountain barbecue! Use a remote smoker thermometer in the turkey, and insert the probe deep into the center of the breast meat, away from bone. Moreover, they are light, yet sturdy and won’t sink into the ground when grilling.