You can’t ruin your floors too badly if you follow this one single rule. And then there are things we just assume we have to live with: Nashville summers, The Kardashians, and the color, stains, and scratches on our hardwood floors. size of job), type of poly used, whether a stain is used, number of coats of poly, and humidity. Dec 13, 2017 - What should you expect when you're getting your floors refinished? It’s amazing the impact that refurbishing your floors can have. Discuss the specifics with your flooring contractor as things can vary pending on the scope of work. The particles are so fine and released into the air. At any rate, here are a few other things to expect when refinishing hardwood floors: Be prepared for A LOT of dirt and dust to cover every possible surface in your house. I did have them use filler and they had to remove several screws. This is a major operation, and you may want to plan it during a mini-vacation. usually you can walk on floors (socks only) after 24 for either, so if you mean to walk on floors to get to bedrooms as move back in, 24 hours is fine. First up – removing the old linoleum and slate. Tisha – Cracks are normal and natural. it should always be good quality (unless you hire a cheap and incompetent installer. those spots will prob never match no matter what, but they could have done a better job. It’s important to plan ahead on your timeline so that you are properly prepared. We also vacuum the floors between each coat. Can we move that in and sleep on it within 4 days of finishing or do we have to wait 30 like with the area rugs? You can test the stain color on the different species to see which combo you prefer. We recently had to have our floors refinished due to water damage. If you have removed carpet from the floors, you may also have a gap of where the the paint on the trim is missing. Hardwood has color and graining variation, as well as knots and this is part of its natural beauty. But, I suppose a tad of dust could settle in the floor from the fine particles that may settle, but usually this is due to poor vacuuming. The installers randomize the boards (and this is the best way to do it so that the floors look real and authentic) and you can not tell what the end product will look like until after it is refinished. Make sure almost all odor is gone and use fans more to speed up drying (after 24 hrs) and make sure humidity is low in the area. Wait a minute, not so fast there! If there are gaps between the boards before the job starts, there will still be gaps afterwards. Please bear in mind that if you are installing new hardwood, there will be color variation in the boards and some knots. You can read more about refinishing pine floors here – Can you refinish pine flooring? However, there are some ways to minimize it. Although we thought we might tackle the slate demo ourselves, Howdyshell quoted it for us and said their team could knock it all out in a day-ish AND that it would include removal/reinstallation of quarter round and plumbing fixtures (like our powder room toilet and sink). I thought it would be helpful to help customers understand what to expect when refinishing their floors – both the process and the end result. If your Nashville hardwood floor needs a tune-up, we can help. Yes, I so agree…more time is better. What if you don’t need or want a full floor transformation? We always put plastic around the areas not being done, and our machines are good at collecting a lot of the dust. So if you use the same color in another section and compare it to a section that was refinished 5-10 years, it will never be exact, but it should be fairly close. However, the refinishing process can be long and tedious, especially if it is done by someone who has never done it before. But, do bear in mind that hardwood is a natural product and therefore, it will not be perfect. Unfortunately, not all wood floors are created equal. The floors look clean, fresh and smooth, and you even have the ability to change the color. In addition, sometimes cleaning products (and/or wax) can slightly change the color. They also gouged the paint in the fireplace mantle when they replaced a mirror which I was unhappy about. Curing will depend on type of poly. What if your floors are just looking a little scuffed and scratched up? That is just part of the process and there is no way around it. However, let’s say you just bought a home and you can’t stand the color of the finish on the floors, or there just so happen to be hardwood floors under that hideous carpet...consider it an opportunity to refinish the floors before you’re even moved in. After the last coat is applied, you should allow 4 days before you move furniture back and/or put drop cloths on the floor (for painting) or cardboard or masonite boards on the floor. It is not advisable to put in filler (or much of it), especially if the gaps are wide. But, no one has X ray vision, so you can’t see the condition of the hardwood until after the carpeting is removed. The majority of jobs take 3-6 days, but as I said, this can vary. They tend to settle later in the day (or next day) on the window ledges, base molding, chair rails and tops of doors as well as a bit on the wall.