best. 130. best. Sort by. "I'd like to return these bandaids. What do you call a mythical tsundere? The other goes, "Choo Choo Choo". Whoa oh here she comes. Nowadays there are CCTV cameras everywhere. "Triplets!" 179. * * Be it gum, cereal, bananas (okay, we have to stop because we're grossing ourselves out), we are glad you are enjoying it, but we would all prefer to neither hear it, nor see it. The logic behind this theory is that powerful people often behave as if the rules do not apply to them. Cuz the newspaper guy did all the advertising. Then the last guy starts eating onions and garlic. he said "What a coincidence! * The plane lands and as the passengers are disembarking there is a stewardess by the exit asking everyone if they had a good flight. Why do scientists chew gum all the time? A couple were french kissing, then the guy looks at the girl and says " I think I swallowed your gum" Kids also just don’t seem to be that into excited about gum anymore. Bumble gum. If an anthropologist from Mars ever visited a typical supermarket, they'd be confounded by those shelves near the checkout aisle that display dozens of flavored gum options. * I work for the Doublemint Chewing Gum Co!" This site uses cookies to personalize ads and to analyse web traffic, for more info please review our Privacy Policy. I work for the 3M Organization!" Everybody had to have seen this coming though, come on guys ... * This is definitely my joke and not what someone else came up with on Twitter. Here, see for yourself." * A train goes choo choo and a teacher says, Spit that gum out! Because they like ex-spearmints. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. Following is our collection of listerine puns and chewie one-liner funnies working better than reddit jokes. * Full with funny wisecracks it is even funnier than any cavity witze you can hear about gum. In front of all these people?" "No problem," says the barber. You can seriously offend people by saying creepy dark humor words to them. condition, What's the difference between a teacher and a train? They're all asleep. Frontal Cortex blogger Jonah Lehrer explores the neuroscience behind this strange relationship. "Why yes I am! I just need help getting it off the ground. A train says "Chew! "he exclaimed "How about that? Orcas Are Here To Kick Ass And Chew Gum, And They’re All Out Of Gum. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. share. ︎ 28 ... Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food, ... chewbacca puns chewing gum puns chewy puns chewing gum jokes puns chewbacca love puns chewing tobacco puns chewbacca name puns chewy food puns chew name puns. Whoa of here she comes, she's. The science teacher responds "Of course, its just a matter of having the right solvent." I do not. Nah, says the girl, I just have a cold. * ...a White House Communications Director or a Wine Gum? The client places the ball in his mouth and the barber proceeds with the closest shave the man has ever experienced. A scientist was put in charge of developing new methods of assassination for the CIA. Upon hearing this, the third man stood up & muttered: ''I need some air, I work for 7 up!". Ill walk myself to the nearest border, One says, "Spit out your gum!" save hide report. I told her to cut it out. I saw what happened to that poor guy who asked for a piece of gum. You are the father of twins." So the nurse takes him to the science teacher and say "Can you get the gum out of his hair?" * Governmint Including Gum jokes for adults, dirty tooth jokes and clean mouthwash dad gags for kids. You're fortunate to read a set of the 64 funniest jokes and gum puns. An hour later the nurse asks the science teacher "Have any luck?" * Click here for more information. This all means he was a... BUMBLEGUM. He: No, I just cleared my throat. I taught my pet rodent to chew holes in car tires. After a few strokes the client asks in garbled speech. Hat tip to my nine year old niece, who has better jokes than I do. ", Right now, it's just an ex-spearmint. creds to my 5yo brother, You could even say it's in... * The whales are here to beat the shit out of us. * Right here and now." The others say "Don't you want to have nice smelling breath for your date?" no comments yet. One man says, "The flight was fine but I have a horrible headache". The long history of chewing gum. The logic behind this theory is that powerful people often behave as if the rules do not apply to them. "I have just the thing," says the barber taking a small wooden ball from a nearby drawer. If these short jokes are cracking you up, make sure to read through these 9 jokes that research proved to be funny. I said, "Do I look like chewing gum to you? I think someone ate some.". They all refused, but Earth still got one; Pluto shares its Orbit. But according to new research, there is good reason why top-flight coaches such as Chelsea's Jose Mourinho chew gum: because it eases stress. Knock Knock. Five minutes later, a nurse came out to tell the second man: "Congratulations. So, no, I don’t need to wait for scientists to analyze the recent behavior of orcas, it’s pretty clear.