Sonart. Ive researched quite a bit about these two guitars and had played them both in the past at guitarcenter. I've read some good reviews on all of them(and a few bad on the takamine), but haven't played any of them yet. Half Size Junior Guitar 6 String 30 inch . Yamaha. I'm looking at them for a Christmas gift for a beginner. FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar . which one i better? I am looking at the Epiphone dr-100, dr-90 and pr-150, Jasmine by Takamine, and a Yamaha F335 or one of the Fenders for about $150. The laminate makes the wood feel almost unreal, and that is not a good thing. YMC. but i really dont know which one to buy they're both 99 dollars. So ive been playing the guitar casually for about a year. I am really looking for sound quality and strings that are close to the fretboard. (please no save up and get this one responses, not an option.) So Yamaha GL1 Series, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $260 Yamaha F335, as seen on the chart below. Sign in to disable this ad i recently started playing acoustic guitar but since i have an electric guitar, i tried to get a good acoustic guitar around 100 dollar And i saw jasmine by takamine s35 and Yamaha F335 in guitar center. they both look good in the site. The Yamaha F335’s finish is definitely one of its weakest points. I am a college student, so I can't go any higher than $150. Junior Classical Guitar 6 String 30 inch . On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha GL1 Series is a more popular acoustic guitar, based on its 60+ reviews. Which one would be a better grab guys?? Full Size 41'' Beginner Acoustic Guitar Set . Larrivee D-40 Legacy Dreadnought Mahogany Natural Acoustic Guitar This guitar is way more expensive than the Yamaha F335, as it’s around $1,500 ( check this listing for the latest live prices ). 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar Starter Package . It's … Jasmine. S35 Acoustic Guitar Spruce Top Satin Finish . Music Alley. Beginner Acoustic Guitar 38" Starter Package . Martin Smith. The FG800 is a bit more expensive than the Yamaha F335, but it is of better quality and produces a better sound compared to the F335. I noticed this in the Yamaha F335. I'm set on purchasing the Yamaha F335, but always wanted a cutaway to play higher notes. Overall, the guitar has a plastic feel to it, as mentioned previously, due to the poor quality wood being compensated with a massive amount of laminate. Ashthorpe. Takamine s35 or Yamaha F335 ???? Music Alley.