Yamaha FG800 Review - Whether you are a novice or a Pro, the FG800 proves a hard offer to pass up at its price range. Yamaha F310 is good but it won't reach the quality of Yamaha FG800. Leave a Comment: Name * E-Mail * Website. Being a successor to one of the most-popular beginner’s acoustic guitar, which is the Yamaha 700s, the pressure to surpass its features is on the Yamaha FG800. However, like the SA-150, this model has a similar issue--it's made of all-laminate woods. Spruce is a 60m Pine tree that is very hard and tall. Fender sounds well but, it's little bit rough and hard to play. Some may argue that it is difficult to beat guitar that already has embarked its name on the best acoustic guitar of all time. Read more: Yamaha CSF3M. Déclinaison dans une finition mate de la FG800 / Modèle incontournable de la série de guitares acoustiques Yamaha FG.Les caractéristiques d'un grande guitare à un prix très accessible : Table en épicéa massive pour offrir projection et sonorité acoustique authentique, nouveaux barrages scallopés et finition irréprochable. A piece of solid, dense spruce is tougher than most other tonewoods of the same thickness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There's little ornamentation, the fingerboard dots are small and lack contrast but the white side dots are clear and bright. Let’s find out in this Yamaha FG800 vs Yamaha FG700s review. A guitar top body also needs to absorb vibration energy from the strings and resonates to response to those signals. This is not a bad thing. Yamaha FG800. That said, the FG800 has a sound that isn't as balanced as the FG830. Many sad sounding and poor playing guitars catch the unsuspecting beginner’s eye with fancy finishes, faux pearl inlays, and exotic body and headstock designs. While the F335 is passable for beginners, it certainly falters in quality when compared to the FG800. Yamaha FG800. The top body of Yamaha FG800 vs FS800 is made of solid Sitka spruce. Admittedly, sound quality is something that's subjective, and a less-expensive guitar won't always sound better than a more expensive one. SALE at $20.00 OFF. The wood quality, the sounds, the finishing, everything awesome!!! After comparing them both, it’s clear that the FG800 is the better of the two. Yamaha F335 vs Fg800: Which one to Choose? Sound Quality and Tonewoods . But toughness isn’t enough. The FG800M is a typically classy, clean build and those of us who like our guitars to look a little less posh will find a friend here: the matt finish gives a lived-in working guitar appearance. It's a bit cheaper than the FG800--Epiphone is Gibson's budget brand, and it tends to enjoy a better reputation than Squier among guitarists. The Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar is Yamaha’s basic model; utilitarian, low priced, no frills. I've played all these guitars. In this section, we'll evaluate some of the key features of the Yamaha FG800 vs FG830 and see which is the winner in each category.