Goldfinches often flock with Pine Siskins and Common Redpolls. The wings are dark and edged with white. Bill is large and black. Feeds on seeds and insects. State bird of Maine and Massachusetts. logo design courtesy of The Haller Company. Spring males are brilliant yellow and shiny black with a bit of white. Wings and tail are iridescent blue and green-black. Deep orange-red head and breast contrast with black face, chin. Wings are dark with bright yellow bars. Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia). Ranges and species limits among these 3 groups apparently need better definition before their status can be definitely established. It is a close relative of the Red-eyed Vireo, and at one time the two were considered to belong to the same species. Phone: (979) 845-5777 Red cap and black chin. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque. Wings are dark with two narrow white bars; tail is black and notched. Tail is dark gray with white corners. Breeding formerly occurred in Texas from early May to late July, based on egg dates from May 17 … Oberholser, H. C. 1974. The belly is white; tail is dark gray with white outer tail feathers. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA. This ID Guide to the East Texas Birds is a work in progress. Northern Wheatear: Small thrush (oenanthe), with gray upperparts, black wings, mask, and tail. Decurved bill is dark above and yellow below with a dark tip. Wings are black with white patches and tail is black with white edges. Gray tail is long and square tipped. American Dipper: Small, wren-like bird, dark gray with short, cocked tail, white eyelids that flash when blinked. It has quick, direct flight with shallow wing beats on medium-length wings. Yellow Warblers of the aestiva group winter primarily along the coasts of north and central Mexico, then through Middle America and north and central South America east of the Andes (Howell and Webb 1995, Pyle 1997, Lowther et al. The belly is white; tail is dark gray with white outer tail feathers. White-winged Crossbill: Medium crossbill, bright pink overall except for black wings with two bold white wing-bars. Mangrove Cuckoo: Medium-sized cuckoo with gray-brown upperparts, black ear patch, yellow eye-ring, white throat, and buff-washed white underparts. Golden-crowned Sparrow: Large sparrow, brown-streaked upperparts and plain gray breast. Swift, direct flight with rapidly beating wings. Wades, swims and dives for food. Black bill is long and stout. Males are all black with a bright red shoulder patch on the wing, usually with a little bit of yellow underneath the red. The bird is often hard to see, but sometimes it launches into the air to sing its odd song as it flies, with floppy wingbeats and dangling legs, above the thickets. Long, dark tail has six large white spots underneath, each with a dark spot. College Station TX 77843-2258 American Ornithologists’ Union. Bill is gray, legs, feet are black. Strong direct flight on rapid wing beats. The female (shown in foreground) is uniformly brown with a gray bill. The list of birds of Texas is the official list of species recorded in the U.S. state of Texas according to the Texas Bird Records Committee (TBRC) of the Texas Ornithological Society. Bill is olive-brown with fine black tip. Parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater) is frequent and the female Yellow Warbler may build another nest on top of the parasitized one. Yellow-eyed Junco: Medium sparrow with rufous back and upperwings, pale gray rump and head, and pale gray underparts. Black wings with two bold white bars. One was larger and was hanging on the tel. Pink legs and feet. Black-billed Magpie: Large, noisy jay, mostly black, with very long tail and dark, stout bill. Pyle, P. 1997. Swift flight, alternates rapidly beating wings with brief periods of wings pulled to sides. Rapid flight with shallow wing beats. His account suggests loss of riparian habitat and increased cowbird numbers as reasons for the end of Yellow Warbler breeding in Texas. AgriLife Extension's online Bookstore offers educational information and resources related to our many areas of expertise and programming; from agriculture, horticulture, and natural resources to nutrition, wellness for families and youth, and much more. As of June 2020, the list contained 654 species. Wings are dark with large white patches. pp. Cap and face are black. Forages on ground for seeds, insects, larvae and caterpillars. Flame-colored Tanager: Tropical tanager, flame red-orange body, black wings with white wing bars and spots, black-streaked back. Dark wings have two bars; pale feather edges. Fluttering direct flight on shallow wing beats. Black legs, feet. Walks on the ground rather than hop. Blue Bunting: Small, stocky brightly colored bunting. Field guides, illustrations, and database Copyright © 2004 - 2013. Yellow-headed Blackbird/Tordo de Cabeza Amarilla - Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX Great-tailed Grackle/Zanate Mexicano - Quisicalus mexicanus, Bill is gray. Direct, swift flight on rapidly beating wings. Breeding formerly occurred in Texas from early May to late July, based on egg dates from May 17 to July 13 and young in the nest from June to July 24.